Tom Felton Talks Tears, Awkward Handshakes, Draco’s Journey, and Music

Thanks to the Brazlilian Youtube Channel ScarPotterTube we now have another interview of Tom Felton at ComicCon. He talks about the end of Harry Potter [he gets teary, bless him], Draco’s Journey in the last Harry Potter installments, and his music and work with, and without, Six String Productions.

Thanks to ScarPotterTube, MTV, and SnitchSeeker.

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Videos and Pictures Anyone? More Footage of Tom Felton at ComicCon


Draco Malfoy in Limbo: IGN interviews Tom Felton at ComicCon, asking where Draco Malfoy’s Character is after his HBP turning point:


Also, a new video has surfaced from The WB at ComicCon. In it, Albert Lawrence interviews Tom Felton. Tom Felton tells him that he was “a ComicCon virgin” and that they’ve broken him in very gently. Among other information that he imparts, Tom also says that, even though they’re keeping the movie under lock-and-key, he’s sure that these two movies are going to be the best out of the lot.

There is also some new footage, at least I’ve not seen it before, at the end of the video.

Note that it appears as if the video linked is only available for a specific demographic. So if you are unable to watch it from that link, you can watch it here:


And, finally, here’s Tom Felton presenting the Deathly Hallows Clip [If you are worried about seeing spoilers, don’t worry because the video ends right when the preview clip is about to start.] Thanks for the clip, nekompire


Some pictures from the event [Check The Link For More Pictures In Our  Gallery]:



Thank you to estrella89san for finding a lot of these pictures and the videos, to IGN, the WB, nekompire, and anyone else I forgot to mention. And a special thank you to Amy_Marie97 for many of these pictures!


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“Yes, I’m young again!” Full Audio of Tom Felton’s ComicCon Interview Now Available

Thanks to SnitchSeeker, we now have the Full Audio interview that Tom Felton did with the Harry Potter fansites. Remember that our own Feltbeats reporter Amy_Marie97 was in the room, and you can see her video interview here.

Some things that he discusses – that we haven’t heard before in the previous post with Amy’s videos – are the Epilogue, the Malfoy Manor and Forbidden Forest scenes, the annual cricket match that Gryffindor and Slytherin have (Slytherin won this year, by the way. GO SLYTHERIN!), the not-at-all-off-topic, really, Brokeback Mountain, and much more!


Thank you very much, SnichSeeker!

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