Tom Felton Talks Tears, Awkward Handshakes, Draco’s Journey, and Music

Thanks to the Brazlilian Youtube Channel ScarPotterTube we now have another interview of Tom Felton at ComicCon. He talks about the end of Harry Potter [he gets teary, bless him], Draco’s Journey in the last Harry Potter installments, and his music and work with, and without, Six String Productions.

Thanks to ScarPotterTube, MTV, and SnitchSeeker.

Everyone, Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton Talks Tears, Awkward Handshakes, Draco’s Journey, and Music

  1. I love the interview! So sad for him that filming is over. but I stay confused on the music issue. There is an album. No, SixString exaggerated and there isn’t an album. Oh, wait. He is working with them on something, but it’s not an album. Now again, no album, but he’s working with SixStringProd and there is music involved. I don’t know what, if anything, music related I should be helping to promote.

  2. Aww, he looks so cutely (is cutely a word? It is now…) awkward when talking about the whole music/record thing. ~squees~ I totally agree. I love Draco because JKR really adds a new depth to him in the last two books. Until then, he’s great for comic relief. He’s really one-dimensional. He just comes out as a bullying bad guy. But in HBP, there’s the whole struggle. He doesn’t know what to do. He was brought up one way, but he’s starting to question all these fundementals. He’s been so cocky this whole time because he wasn’t involved. And now that he is, he realizes that it isn’t just fun and games. He sees that it’s so incredibly dangerous; he could lose his life at any second. And I think he really starts to understand what other people were saying this entire time. It isn’t as simple as “Voldemort’s more powerful. He’s going to win and make the world a ‘better place’ painlessly.” It’s so far from that. He can tell that it’s so much more complicated, and I think he even starts to doubt the whole ‘Purebloods are the best’ thing. It’s not anything he’ll probably ever truly abandon as it was repeated so many times, ingrained into his head as a child, but he at least grasps that he’s gotten himself into something much worse and much less black-and-white.

    Now I’m ranting… Please tell me someone agrees with me and that I’m not just completely insane (well, I am insane, but that’s not the point). >.<

    Anyway, love the video! AWESOME!

  3. Luna (which is one of my best friends last name btw) I totally agree with u! Most of my friends don’t like draco at all, so I’m always havin to defend him. I will just refer them to ur comment the next time we have a draco debate!! Lol

  4. A spectacular interview! And without the usual deafening sound of the Comic Con floor!
    Aw, Tom, you have such a great heart. =)

  5. Seeing Thomas wiping away this tear, attests he’s finally realized than HP was truly over, when enquired about how he was feeling about it.

    Draco’s journey isn’t an easy one, because it’s the one of a child who’s been taught to believe into absurdities, big enough for him to swallow them, as his parents did before him, without having any idea whatsoever it’d take him where it’d led him to. Of all of his family, Draco’s been the only one comprehending that it wasn’t the life he wanted to live, the one with blood onto his hands, as Voldemort expects it, like for the rest of the Death Eaters.

    This could/can happen to any of us, that’s why we’ve to pay attention with what we’re being told, especially if somebody comes up with absurdities divorcing with the good sense. This is Draco’s message: “React before it goes too far”.

    It felt weird and funny seeing again Thomas’s “If You Could Be Anywhere” video. It really felt like watching a kid at play, not the mature and wiser young man’s become nowadays.

    So, when he says he’s playing music for fun, I believe him. Therefore, as far as the music issue goes, take all your time, Thomas.

    With Love,


  6. Poor Tom! Getting asked in every single intertview how it feels that things have come to an end is like rubbing salt into the wound?!
    Besides, I’d really like to watch that 20 min documentary video too!!

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