Six String Productions Gives Us Two New Photos of Tom Felton via Their Facebook

Earlier today SixStringProd tweeted the link to their facebook page with two new photos of Tom Felton from their recent photo shoot. Instead of the “behind-the-scene” pics we were given before, these are the “pretty” ones.

You can follow Six String Productions on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

9 thoughts on “Six String Productions Gives Us Two New Photos of Tom Felton via Their Facebook

  1. Beautiful photos! Look professional, no? I like the setting of the boat pic: Tom not simply being located in the middle makes it interesting. And the other picture actually reminds me a bit of a catalogue pic, nice outfit!;)

    The stepping stones look miserably familiar to me, took a photo of them too – without Tom, of course!! Right place, wrong time! DANG!!!

  2. Right, I tought the very same thing when I saw the first picture of Thomas, being taken walking onto this stony pathway across the water. It could have indeed be found into a catalogue for young adults fashion clothing, wouldn’t be for the fact than Thomas’s looking as if he was searching his way around, where to head up next.

    True, by being pictured not exactly sitting into the middle of the boat, gives a whole new perspective on the message we’re being addressed, inviting us to look above Thomas’s shoulder, into the background, seeing what he’s got new to share with us all.

    With Love,


  3. Oh, wow, these are absolutely gorgeous! I love how all the colours are toned down except for the green. It really adds a bit of a frame in the second pic with the leaves blurred in front. I definitely agree with Sam, the first one really looks like it’s come out of a fashion catalogue. :]

    It’s crazy to watch Philosopher’s Stone and then see pictures like this. Even though they’re just a few years older than me, I’ve grown up watching these films.

    Love the pics!


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