Tom Felton Writes Songs about Harry Potter Set – Q&A Session: 3rd Day!

Here’s some – I actually think it’s almost the whole, or half, session – of the Dragon*Con Q&A session from Sunday! Thank you, cloudyvisions, for posting these on Youtube!!!

Some Highlights:
> “For All I know Harry and Draco could get together!” More Harry/Draco pics, and Harry and Draco’s little moment and their relationship 19 years on… what does it really mean?
> What did Tom Felton’s Mum decline?
> Why did Draco Malfoy cry on the set of the second movie?
> Harry Potter Set Secrets!
> Who does Tom Felton really want to meet?
> “Is that Voldemort!?”
And that’s a pretty good moment to tell you to just WATCH THE REST! 😀 Except that, you know, our very own BSERLORI asks a question in Video Number 5!! {YES, THERE IS A VERY VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR SOMEONE REALLY SPECIAL TO US HERE AT FELTBEATS!!!!!! If you can’t wait… it’s at Minute 3:30, about. :D}

JUST so you guys know: Official versions of Dragon*Con will be posted sometime in the next several days! Feltbeats had special video-taping privileges, and we hope to share those videos with you soon. I’ve been notified that, for instance, this particular session was actually fifty minutes long!! As soon as the editing is done, and the uploading-to-youtube finished, you guys will definitely be able to see them. Thanks for hanging in there with us. 😀

More Video of Tom Felton’s Q&A Session

This is more of the same Q&A session we’ve been posting the past several posts [And, just an update, you can now see the whole session in this post that we started late last night], but we know you were going to watch those videos over and over again anyway, so why not give you a different view? The difference is that Schrodingercat88 was so close that the video could be taken of the actual actor and not the screen! The sound quality is also outstanding, I think – for hearing the questions, at least. Also, you can watch it in HQ! Thank you Schrodingercat88!

If anyone has any more video of the first Q&A session – he was wearing a blue shirt – please send it to us at or Thanks!

An Hour With Draco Malfoy: The Full Dragon*Con Day 2 Q&A with Tom Felton is Here!

Thanks forevermore to Acciolove of Youtube, we now have the Q&A session from Dragon*Con Day two!

Here’s part one:

Edit: I apologize for the delay in posting these next parts.

Two: {Here is the part where he discusses the Bathroom scene we alluded to earlier}





Here you go: An Hour With Draco Malfoy: Day 2!

Tom Felton Feels Bad for Draco Malfoy

A new video of Tom Felton’s Q&A at Dragon*Con Day 2 has emerged, thanks to Youtube User RuiningYourSelfImage. In it he gets asked, “Do you see Draco Malfoy as a villain in the sixth movie, or, actually, in any of them?” He responds below:

EDIT: More from RuiningYourSelfImage

>”Who kills me?” Tom gets asked by Michael Gambon
>”Any thoughts about the difference between book six and movie six?”
>”Any plans to go to University?”
>The Full Video footage of the Draco and Hermione and Draco and Harry Romantic Triangle Rectangle Drama Thing
>Working with Jim Broadbent again, and the tears of their familial reunion!
>Tom Felton’s Wild ways! [And how they compare to Rupert grint’s Field Of Llamas]
AND MORE…[He even gets asked a question by his own doppelganger!] Just watch. Thanks again!

Just to let you guy know, we were informed, via a comment on the fourth video that RuiningYourSelfImage makes, that there was even more amusement concerning Harry and Draco:

There was actually a better part that I didn’t film unfortunately where he was talking about him and Daniel filming the fight scene and he was like “We were in the bathroom together, wands out…. oh god that sounded horrible didn’t it?” lmao

Poor poor Tom. ;).