Change To Lineup Of French HBP Signing

Previously we told you that Tom would be joining Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch at FNAC in Paris for a signing. Bonnie and Evanna will no longer be available to attend so they are being replaced by the Phelps Twins James and Oliver. The event takes place on June 8th and begins at 6pm. Costumes and props will also be on display on the day. The store hopes that they will get to meet at least 200 hundred fans.

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Tom Felton discusses Draco with Aced Magazine

This is a teaser report from the set of Half-Blood Prince where Tom had talked about Draco Malfoy with Aced Magazine.

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) has a bigger role in Half-Blood Prince so we get to see a little more from his character this time around. “Draco has slightly more of a central plot as far as good and evil. I think that for the last sort of five years he’s always been very envious that Harry is the chosen one. I think that he’s given the opportunity to be the chosen one for the other guys. At first he laps up the opportunity to do so,” says Felton, “but he has a few internal questions that have difficulty being answered within himself. He doesn’t quite realize the severity of what he’s about to get himself into, nor the lack of confidence that he really has in what he’s trying to achieve.”

We also find out more about Draco in general in this production. “It’s great to find out more about the character and to dive a bit deeper into why he is the way that he is, and this goes into his relationship with his a father a bit more. His father is not around in this film so he feels slightly weaker without him, definitely, but he knows that he’s the man of the Malfoy Manner and so he has to step up his game. It’s a contradiction too. He wants to step up and be the big shot, but equally he knows deep down that he’s not half the man that Harry is, I’m sure,” reveals Felton.

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Source: Aced Magazine

Half Blood Prince to be released 2 days early

It was announced today that one of Tom’s upcoming projects,  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, will be released two days earlier than currently scheduled, moving from Friday, July 17th to Wednesday, July 15th.  Snitchseeker has confirmed these dates for the United States, but there has also been mention the new release date will be for the United Kingdom as well.

Tom plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, and if the book is anything to go by, his presence in this film will be larger than the last few movies.  Various sources have stated this is his best showing yet.

Sources: Snitchseeker and

New Half-Blood Prince trailer debuts at ShowWest; more focus on Draco

The CinemaBlend Web site is reporting that a new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer has premiered at ShoWest. According to the site, the new trailer shows lots of new Draco footage, including some new dialogue.

Dumbledore also has a line of dialogue that definitely isn’t part of the book– “Voldemort has chosen Draco Malfoy for a mission.” Remember that in the book, Harry spends the whole time convinced Draco is up to something, while everyone else thinks Harry is just blaming Malfoy again for something he’s not doing. But if Dumbledore says straight-out that Malfoy is working for Voldemort this time, that could change a lot of the direction of the story. In the book we don’t know for sure that Malfoy is working for Voldemort until he shows up on top of the castle to kill Dumbledore. The movie seems to be focusing a lot more on Malfoy, based on shots of him in the trailer, so it might get a lot more interesting to watch him, knowing he’s the bad guy.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet to the general public, but we’ll bring it to you as soon as it does.

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