Video of Tom Felton on “8 out of 10 Cats” Now Online

Thanks to Mugglenet, we now have video of Tom’s appearance on 8 out of 10 Cats, the British comedy panel show with erstwhile hosts Jimmy Carr, Jason Manford, and Sean Lock.

Part 1 of the half hour show discusses which movies people are looking most forward to this summer, and Tom’s team, you guessed it, got it right with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince taking the top spot. Woohoo!

In Part 2 of the show, the teams continue picking out the top three films….

In this final segment, they finish the game. Did Tom’s team win?

Screen caps of the show are now located in the gallery. Click here to check out more!

24 thoughts on “Video of Tom Felton on “8 out of 10 Cats” Now Online

  1. Freaking awesome! I was wondering how many days I would have to wait but this is fantastic! Thanks guys!

  2. Oh, he was a bit intimidated and shy, but did very well with the answers.

    As someone in the USA, I was amazed and shocked by the language allowed on Brit TV!!! LOL

  3. I love it. But I did not like what the woman said to Tom. But I laugh my head off when I seen the rest of the show! 😀

  4. that was a brilliant show! Tom did seem intimidated didn’t he? but i luv his reactions when jimmy carr asked him “you sick of it?!!” and “is it true that Hermione got kissed in the forbidden forest” (or something like that) his laughs are funny!!

    good job Tom and thx for sharing!

  5. 😆
    That was so funny!
    I enjoyed it so much!
    Tom was great but the others were very funny too!
    Really made my day 😛

  6. He was so shy and intimidated, but despite that, he’s known how to be witty back, all in sweetness, as he always is. And shown to the woman who said something unicely to him, that he was as smart as she was. Good job, Tom!

    With Love,


  7. OMG that is hillarious! I miss Brit. humour! In Canada we are closer to the British censorship. In the US I don’t think a show like that would fly….it is a damn shame!
    Brilliant way to get folks interested in currant affairs!
    Thanks for posting this. Absolutely loved it!

  8. watched it on TV as soon as it aired… so cute ^_^
    Honestly Tom, your life is most interesting, after all you do attend Hogwarts hahaha

  9. I’m French, so I didn’t really understood what she said to him. Can you tell me?

  10. She said “I’m so gonna do you next halloween.” In reference to a Draco Malfoy costume 😛 x

  11. in reply to toms daclaration, that he`s excited about the “transformers”-movie, she said, that she`s not, because in her eyes its just about robots(cars) fighting….something like that. i think thats what shana meant.understood now?


    i got all my friends to watch

    it was amazing

    i was squeeling lmao (i never knew i could squeel like that lmao)

    i hope Tom does more things like this

    it was so cool

    peace out xx

  13. im not that ssuprised that their cursing alot because in USA we curse too but im suprised that they dont u know BEEP BEEP BEEP instead of F**k this or cut it off
    BTW tom looked so cute 😀
    Great Show!! ❗

  14. Omg!! I could NOT stop laughing!! I loved it when he said, “Are you excited about the new transformers movie?” And Tom was like, “So excited!!” He sounded like a little kid. Lol. Great job Tom!!

  15. This was amazing! I loved every second of it! But I’m embarrassed as an American to hear that some people do not realize that Harry Potter isn’t real life! lol

  16. that. was. great. =P the worst movie to watch on a first date with Tom would be Harry Potter. lol ahh… brilliant.

  17. i agree with the cursing thing. in the US all you hear is the bleep bleepity bleep.

  18. I loved this! So funny!
    Tom didn’t really say much but he was still look’n good 😉
    It was funny when they brought up the idea of Teletubbies: The Movie; Lol i was cracking up!

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