UPDATE A Light in the Dark: New Studio Photos of Tom Felton from “Half-Blood Prince”

UPDATE: Higher Quality versions have now been found, including a brand new one we’ve never seen!

New studio character photos of Tom from the promotional extravaganza that is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have recently been released. We’ve seen the bottom image manipulated into various graphics, but not the top two (to my knowledge). You can see other photos from this same photo shoot here in our galleries.

23 thoughts on “UPDATE A Light in the Dark: New Studio Photos of Tom Felton from “Half-Blood Prince”

  1. The second studio photo has already come to my knowlege, having seeing it featured into the current bi-monthly issue of the magazine Films(s), page 25.

    However, never saw the first one before, save related to a Cinemania issue magazine here, a few months ago before HBP release.

    These two have my preferences, definitely.

    With Love,


  2. Good stuff… doesn’t he look like he owns the world? Maybe they’ll make the third into a cardboard stand-up… I’ve been trying to convince my dad to get the one of Snape, and put it in his cubicle at work… just for creep factor 🙂

  3. this is why im hot, this is why im hot, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot! im hot cuz im fly, u aint cuz u not, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot!

  4. Daaaah….*faints*

    Okay, seriously…They’re so awesome and puuurdy. I love it. And I agree with Marciana on both topics. Ring = Love, and squee-moments would just kill you all. XD

    Much Love,

  5. like i love him and all, and i don’t want this to seem offensive 😉 BUT … the last picture he kinda looks like a doll 😛 A VERY CUTE DOLL though !!! (:

  6. Lol he does look like a doll,i have no life i just sit at my coputer and look a t feltbeatss, :|haha my friends hate me for it.

  7. I think I just died. HE IS SOOOOOO EFFING HOT!!!! (Sorry,just had to state the obvious). 😛 xx

  8. The ring=total love. I especially enjoy the selective light, great compositional effect.

  9. Oh my.. Oh my! He is soo workin it in the first and third pic! The third is to die for! It’s me new wallpaper!

  10. hey tom!its kaitlyn again!love the posters!hope to see more!o and did you know that you r coming to tennessee!jk;)wish you were though:(your so lucky.you get to travel the world and see stars.thats my dream:(i want ot meet you so that half my dream can come true.but people say i cant do anything because i have seizures:(so if you would please consider coming to tennessee then that would be greatly appreciated;)
    love you tom!keep up the good work!your #1fan,kaitlyn<3

  11. hey tom i just figured since i post comments all the time you should know what i look like;)i have blonde hair and blue eyes;)im 15 and have a twitter account.if will follow me i will tell you stuff about america and wats happening:Dim feltfan.you can find in your followers list;)hope to see you on my followers;0)love you!o and tell oliver i said hi and keep it up!
    all my love and respect,kaitlyn.your #1fan

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