24 thoughts on “Twice the Charm: Two More Tom Felton Pictures from the Kai Z Feng Photo Shoot!

  1. Just caught sight of them a few minutes ago, as I was replying to the precedent post. Kai Z. Feng really has taken a liking into Tom’s wilder side, and making it rising up to the surface a little bit more at every shoot, especially into the second one, which is going to be one of my favorites, now.

    With Love,


  2. I love the jeans! And my his eyes are blue! Don’t get me wrong, I think Tom’s bloody gorgeous, but why is he holding his armpit? I mean obviously Tom didn’t choose to do that but I just thought it was kinda funny. Keep posting pictures! I love you Tom!

  3. wooow, those pictures are really cute! you’re so hot (:
    i love you tom ♥ (sorry, i need to say that)

  4. oh cute cute i was like just cheakin to see anything new and caught site of these to cute pics love em!! ^.^

  5. Oh wow! The second one is definitely my new favourite pic of him. Too cute 🙂

    P.S. Greetings from Canada ;P

  6. tom felton is soooo hot i love him with all my heart!!!!-well not all of it but u get what i mean- 😛

  7. Look at that second photo.
    Yum <3
    I see a hint of the famous Draco Malfoy smirk!

  8. HOLY SHIT ! ! ! he looks completely different ! i cant believe he was Draco.

  9. ohh….. he just makes my heart melt! i LOVE him!! <3 hes so amazing… gorgeous.. perfection! 🙂 x

  10. ohh my gosh… he looks exactly like this guy i know! :/ and i have a huge crush on him! (well, yes tom, but i didnt mean him, i meant the guy i know..) i think i have a thing about tom lookalikes.. seriously tho, that completely freaked me out! i was like looking on facebook (NO not facebook stalking! ;)) and BAM!! there tom is, looking out at me, only its actually a guy called James! STRANGE!! =P aha <3 love you tom <3 xxx

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