Video clips of Tom Felton in Q&A at Dragon*Con

Thanks to x_lwnr_x for posting some video of Tom from yesterday’s Q&A session at DragonCon. They had nooooo idea their phone was able to record things. They were just so excited to be there. 😉

This first one is Tom talking about a picture his brother showed him relating the “Is Draco in love with Harry” question that is a pet theory in the HP world.

According to her YouTube page: She brings up some fan rumors (I’m assuming like fanfiction rumors) and asked if there’s a chance Draco is secretly in love with Hermione, and he has a laugh and says no that they pretty much have hated each other the whole series and then makes some jokes. Then she says “Well then you’re going to love my next question… Is Draco in love with Harry?” and Tom has a field day with that. Making jokes like “I thought I hid it so well! On set, I can’t keep my eyes off him. It’s terrible.”

In this video, he discusses working with the Trio and on HP6.

In this last video, he is asked about auditioning for the Potter series and dying his hair color for each part.

18 thoughts on “Video clips of Tom Felton in Q&A at Dragon*Con

  1. WoOT that’s epic! I’ve been wanting 2 ask him that two questions since forever! And he also very tactful answering it, light and funny!

  2. Can’t wait to see him at RingCon!
    I like his humour and i think hes a very funny guy.
    I really want to meet him 🙂

  3. If these did not just make my night, nothing will. Tom is ridiculously adorable *sappy, happy smile*

  4. I lol’ed when he mentionged the pic being his brothers wallpaper cuz it is mine as well. I loved the face he made when he realized everyone heard him swear. And I love the “finally I went for Hermione, let down there as well” that line was when i officially ROFLD

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