New Photos and a Fan Video with Tom Felton at Dragon*Con

We have new photos featuring Tom from Dragon*Con from our lovely, erstwhile Feltbeats Army members Southernbets. I can’t remember if she said someone else was holding her camera for these or not, but thank you if you did! I also found a few press ones, and as soon as I can get them unmarked, I’ll let you know, but first, here’s a fan video made of the event. YouTuber TheMiraCorp did a compilation video of practically everything they encountered at the Con. You can see Tom for a little bit at around the two minute mark. He was sitting next to Charisma Carpenter!!!! I <3 her...

You can check out the rest of this new batch of photos by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “New Photos and a Fan Video with Tom Felton at Dragon*Con

  1. Just saw that Tom’s back home, and seemly DragonCon has brought him much inspiration. I love people be able to rebounce on life’ events to be creative. A bit like I do, in fact. Thanks for the new pics. I’m on my way to check them out.

    With Love,


  2. I wonder if his sweetness (especially) in the recent DragonCon event had converted some non-fans into fans.. Just like he converted misha after Time Isn’t Healing and me after HBP (I know Draco’s not sweet, but Tom definitely is)

    Hey maybe FB can make some statistics poll at which point Tom’s fans fell in love with him and why!! It would be fun if Tom knows what part of him or his work that captivates our hearts! X

    Just random idea.. Lol

  3. This is random but Dasani water you can like taste the plastic,just a fub fact, But i deffinatley agree ‘ Fathskie’. good idea lol. I love TOM FELTON!! <3

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