Tom Felton Tells Sky News Why He Supports The Robin Hood Tax Plan

UPDATE from Lilyginny27: Here’s another short clip of Tom from earlier today, this time asking you to watch the video and let them know what you think of it from outside the Sky News studios. Looks lovely out!


As we already reported Tom Felton was guest at Sky News today.

Harry Potter star Tom Felton tells Sky News the campaign to back the so-called Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions in the banking system is gaining support both in the UK and across Europe.

Now we have a short video of it:

source: SkyNews

5 thoughts on “Tom Felton Tells Sky News Why He Supports The Robin Hood Tax Plan

  1. Of course, we’re all concerned, no matter the country, the social status! To actually hear than the Robin Hood Tax is gaining a great response all over Europe and not only in the United Kingdom, is the proof than yes, it should be applied not solely nationally but everywhere!

    To see and hear Thomas out explaining why he’s standing up for this cause, definitely attests of the maturity and wising up I was referring to earlier on this morning.

    Thomas, God Bless you!!

    With Love,


  2. Is this really asking you to be part of the World’s Greatest Bank Job (ha ha ha ha) or a conniving way to encourage you to be a part of the Worlds Biggest Con Job?

    I just have to wonder how many folk actually have heard about the ‘Robin Hood Tax’ ? – (RHT) and more importantly have taken the time to find out what it is? where it comes from? what is actually involved? Let me tell you right now it involves BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and of course, should it come to pass, just who will administer it?

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