Tom Felton likes movies with baddies, major baddies.

The UK’s Press Association has released an interview featuring Tom, Bonnie Wright, and Jason Isaacs where they each revealed to the FilmClub what films inspired them when they were young.

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton may play villain Draco Malfoy in the hit films, but he reveals he was inspired by screen heroes.

The 22-year-old told children’s charity Filmclub which movies inspired him on his journey to become an actor.

Tom said: “I remember as a kid loving Robin Hood and all the James Bond movies were a big inspiration to me as a child. Those were some of the films that I thought, ‘That would be a very cool job to do.’ So, I’m very lucky enough to be here.”

Jason Isaacs, who plays Draco’s father, the nasty Lucius Malfoy, revealed he was overwhelmed by cinema when he saw The Wizard of Oz.

He said: “I first saw it when I was a little kid on a giant screen and it was overwhelming – it was awash with colours and music and extraordinary looking people. One of the great things about the film is that it makes you think about films.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie Wright, who plays Harry’s girlfriend Ginny Weasley, revealed she was inspired by children’s classic A Little Princess.

She said: “The film that changed my life was A Little Princess, which I remember watching when I was a little girl and it made me really believe that inside every girl there is a little princess.”

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2 thoughts on “Tom Felton likes movies with baddies, major baddies.

  1. All of their referrences are major classics! Who doesn’t like The Wizard Of Oz? Or Jame Bond and Robin Hood?

    By the way, both The Wizard Of Oz and A Little Princess have been both adapted in anime version when I was a child, that’s how I firt discovered Sarah’s (A Little Princess) story.

    With Love,


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