New photo and interview of Tom Felton in French PREMIERE Magazine

Thanks to UniversHarryPotter for the scan of Tom in the latest French edition of Premiere Magazine. The current issue includes a slew of new interviews featuring Tom, Evanna Lynch, Dan Radcliffe, Billy Nighy and others from the cast of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I”. You can see the rest of the interviews along with new photos at the source. As soon as a translation of Tom’s interview is made available, we’ll let you know.

13 thoughts on “New photo and interview of Tom Felton in French PREMIERE Magazine

  1. @feltbeats Do you want me to translate this interview for your website? I’m an editor for Aurelie (from France)

  2. Hahahahaha, MALEfoy. Jeez, I thought I would die laughing :’)
    Maybe I have just such a strange humor but, yeah.
    I don’t read french either. Why couldn’t this be English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or Icelandic -.-‘

  3. this sucks, i can barely read this and ive been having core french since 4th grade D< well…. i can sorta guess some parts, but i give up!

  4. This is a quick – and rough – translation. I had trouble reading parts of it.

    Premiere – how long was the filming of both parts of DH
    TF – A little more than a year, 14 months to be precise. You could say that the team gave all

    P – 14 months …. that’s enough time to make a child!
    TF – exactly! It is surreal to spend so much time on one project. We were (couldn’t read what came next sorry)(

    p – After 10 years of HP, saying good-bye must be particularly difficult
    TF- When we came back to Leavesden for the last wrap party, there was high emotion. It was the last time that the complete team was reunited in the grand sets that all of a sudden appeared to be very emptied. A funny sensation

    p – Throughout the saga your job was playing a role that people were supposed to hate. That couldn’t have always been easy…
    I effectively accumulated a certain doses of negative attitude over the last decade. It was funny enough, groups of children would regularly visit the set and as soon as they arrived the moment they met me they would always hide behind their parents. I learnt to take it as a compliment

    p – you also have a fan club, which bothers JK Rowling because a lot of young girls adore Draco Malfoy when he’s a b——-d (or is rotten)

    TF – I don’t know what to say to that. You know what it is like; girls have always liked the bad boys

  5. I missed one question and answer and figured out the piece I couldn’t read very well.

    The piece I couldn’t read says:

    We were closer than ever on this shoot.

    The question I missed is the 4th:

    p – Perhaps a few years from now we’ll find you wandering the Harry Potter theme park that just opened in Florida .

    tf – (laughs)) That’s exactly what I said! If I’m too depressed I’ll go live over there.

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