Tom Felton appreciates the Harry Potter fans

Last month Harry Potter UK gave the fans on facebook the possibility to ask Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch, Matthew Lewis or James and Oliver Phelps questions. Since mid-September, they post questions from fans and the responses of the stars on facebook. Today they published a question to Tom with his answer.

Tom Felton tells us how much he appreciates the Harry Potter fans in another of our Fan Q & As! Jennifer MacGregor asks: “Did you ever think, when filming the first film, that the series would become the phenomenon that it has?” Tom said: “Of course not! I had no idea that we would be still filming ten years later! It’…s incredible that the fans have kept us all going so long…I am very grateful for them.”

9 thoughts on “Tom Felton appreciates the Harry Potter fans

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  2. Exactly!

    And to read out Thomas’s gratitude witnesses he’s aware than it’s us, the force which is allowing him to move forward into his career, and into the realization of his dreams most of all, nobody else.

    With Love,


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