6 thoughts on “Video: Tom Felton live on Daybreak

  1. This Trick is easy…one of the Rings is not solide..and this one she always holds in her Hands..

  2. Tom is so sweet! And absolutely amazing to be able to look that good after only three hours sleep (ahh, the things the make up team can do lol)! Love you Tom! Good luck with your acting career in the future!!!

  3. i love how surprised he was when she started doing that magic trick.
    he is so amazing, he looked magnificent at the premiere and so did Jade.
    i hope he gets everything he wants for his career.

  4. I just loved the magic rings trick sequence, although it is one of the oldest tricks known. But I didn’t know you could go this far with it!

    Marveleous interview! Thomas’s enthusiasm is as intoxicating as ever, and all that done with the smile!

    With Love,


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