MTV Critiques Tom Felton, And Others “Hot Dude Style”

Today, MTV took a look back at what the guys were wearing at last nights MTV Movie Awards, and Tom Felton made their list of favorites.

There’s a lot of talk about the HP boys: Daniel Radcliffe is all grown up, Rupert Grint has stopped wincing and started acting, and HP alum Robert Pattinson is THEE MOST FAMOUS GUY ALIVE. But out of the shadows like a slinky Slytherin comes Tom Felton, who has lost the platinum blond Draco hair and is turning into quite the hottie with those cyan blue eyes and windswept coif. To complete the dude of leisure look is a Breton sailor shirt and a loose-fitting navy suit. In camel desert boots, Felton has made a safe but classy choice and as such, he’s totally (along with Emma Watson, naturally) graduated to a higher fashion order.

Check out the rest of the guys who made their list here

7 thoughts on “MTV Critiques Tom Felton, And Others “Hot Dude Style”

  1. Lol That is because behind every stylish guy you’ll find a good women…:-) Go Jade!!

  2. I hate to say it because I like the outfit and the hair, but Tom, please SHAVE!!!

  3. he probably is with all this travelling backwards and forward to the states along with promo soon for Potter like Aussie then back to the uk then premieres around the world I just hope he can cope.

  4. i agree,he looks fantastic 😀 I like his style especially his Breton sailor shirt !!!

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