Draco Malfoy stands behind Harry Potter’s friends in this DH2 pic

To quote @rotae on Twitter (as if I haven’t done that enough lately), “I spy a disheveled-looking Draco on the ‘good’ side of this picture from DH2!” Look closely, and you can see his little blonde head. Right in front of Luna. Hehe.

Thanks Snitchseeker and @dhmoviepics as always for the DH2 goodies!

9 thoughts on “Draco Malfoy stands behind Harry Potter’s friends in this DH2 pic

  1. Cool, now we can say he’s been in both sides!!!
    Our own not-so-bad best villain! XD

  2. i knew that draco wasn’t a bad person.I think that he wad just faiting with his real Draco.

  3. Lol look closely? I don’t think so! He stands out like a sore thumb! Hahaha. Although there appears to be another super-blond there, which could confuse the eye. 😉

  4. you know, i just reread the DH book and i wondered what would have happened if the trio saw and actually understood what draco was feeling and made him escape together with them and dobby. it says so explicitly that he was scared throughout the whole time they were there. so, what if? i really wish JKR had made him come over to the good side just like his godfather~

  5. YAY!!! I like seeing that Draco is finally on the side of good. i mean, its so obvious that the only reason he was being mean to harry is because one, he was probably jelous. and two, that was what he grew up learning from his father. oh well.

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