New photos of Tom Felton in Sydney

Sweaty Betty PR (one of Australia’s largest fashion, beauty and lifestyle public relations firms) and Ten News Sydney have uploaded photos of Tom from today.

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton AKA Draco and GF Jade in for @RachelGilbertAU – we were spellbound! X

We had a surprise visitor in the studios today. Thanks for stopping by, @TomFelton!

Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, dropped by the Ten News studios earlier today.

19 thoughts on “New photos of Tom Felton in Sydney

  1. ´◕︵◕` I want to cry!! Why life is unfair!!! Tom and Emma are perfect for each other!! And I’m not going to shut up my mouth!!! Tom were a very kind person before. He hasn’t done a chat and never answer anybody at twitter only to the people that sucks up to him. I can’t have my opinion Tom Felton?? I have eyes and you not.

  2. It is true he only answer to the people who interests him. I want to answer him How are you? But he only talk to people that sucks him. It is true. I love him really with all of my heart since they were little and it’s a pity that I will never meet him. #Don’t delete my comment. This is the truth and the truth hurts

  3. Yeah. My tears run in my face. Tom why you do this to Harry Potter fans??Why you hurt us?? We only wanted to see you presenting the Harry Potter clip. You are a fantastic actor and Emma too, both belong to Harry Potter. My Harry Potter heart was broken when I didn’t see you there.I thought that you were very proud of belong to Harry Potter. You are amazing Tom I thought it at the first time I saw you in the screen in the Borrowers.

  4. This hurts, really hurts. I’m going back to the start when Tom were a very cute and beautiful boy that was with Emma in the stage with the Disney movie award that they win for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The happiest moments.

  5. Perhaps you’d like it if I pick YOUR boyfriend for you? No? Then let Tom choose who he wants to be with! If you really loved him you’d love Jade too, He does.

  6. You only sucks up him!! I’m not afraid of say my opinion. And I love Tom Felton. I’m free to think what I want and I prefer Emma. I think she is amazing and she really LOVES TOM since she was young. I hate Jade and I can say my opinion if I want. She only wants fame and money and for that she’s Astoria and she believe that is famous. Emma is a generous person and a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. So I don’t suck up Tom. He was a completely idiot and he is manipulated by his girlfriend. He can’t do his WORK that it was go to the stage with Emma and presenting only the Harry Potter clip, this is the evidence.

  7. I’m tired to see her in everywhere, she is the girlfrind, no an artist however she act like actress, she no smile out camera, but in front flashes she look happy, she is a Gold Diggers
    Hope don’t delete…

  8. I´m pretty sure the girl who appeared there not is Jade.

    Jade doesn´t have that kind of eyes.

  9. Oh my God, I love you guys…You’re all so right.
    In all those years I had the hope that my lovely Emma & Tom will end up together…

    I can not understand why feltbeats (a TOM-Fansite!) deleted all our comments! What about freedom of opinion?!

    I know you guys from feltbeats don’t want to make Tom angry, but seriously? Look at all her exaggerated pics & poses. Is this “lovely” “beautiful”, like you always say?


  10. Well, girls come on…I’m really not a Jade fan(after all she’s ‘just’ a gf) and i don’t think i have to love her to be a good fan. But this pity party is really pathetic! He is with her… deal with it. She makes him happy, obviously.
    You can’t know if she is a golddigger because you don’t know her.
    And to say he should be with Emma…dramione is all right, but you need a reality check…rp shipping, seriously?? That’s creepy.

  11. I don’t understand why she’s always there either.
    But you all give the girl way too much attention…
    It won’t change anything if you bash her.
    She can’t be that bad, they are a couple for about 3 years, aren’t they? Give the guy some credit… I think He would have noticed by now if she’s just in it for the money!
    And i don’t think she’s that ‘in your face’ lately!

  12. this whole thing is sad. I nearly agree with every comment on here… I don’t like reading about him either and seeing he is with her everywhere, but I got to get over it, the guy has a life, and can live it the way he wants, the world can’t controle everything they don’t like he does. The whole thing about him and Emma Watson is sweet, the look good together, but they might not even like each other both in the way since around five years ago. Paring them together, wont make it real, even if you place draco and hermione together it won’t happen, but it would make more sence. One thing some people have to think is nobody can have everything right, so everyone agrees, there is always going to be some people that don’t like something. I understand if you are tired of seeing her name everywhere with his, but just because two nice pictures of him being somewhere, and maybe his girlfriend with him, it doesn’t have to end up in a big huge fan fight over it, you don’t have control over that. I have read things about how fans are tired of seeing them together, but this is the worsed I have ever seen it. It has been really calm lately, where his girlfriend hasn’t been around, and try to think about that, and when she is in something little its nothing bad. He can’t hid her from the world.

  13. I could really care less who Tom dates as long as he’s happy but I have to confess Jade doesn’t fit his bill! He is too good for her and she’s way too superficial. I’ve seen her flirting behind his back lots and lots of times and that’s not cool! She’s one of those girls who you have to watch out for. I believe people only see what they want to see. And I am most certain Tom is finally seeing the picture as well. But who I am really to judge what he thinks but I’m going to be honest with you, I can see right through Jade big time. Jade is no good. Just bad news. But once again this is Tom’s call and I’m going to support him no matter what he does. I seriously just want him to be fully happy on who he brings into his life. I want to see those smiles stretch all the way to his eyes and I’m not seeing that in his pictures lately. Just remember I putting my opinion up here as well. I hope you don’t delete my comment. I’m not saying Tom needs to dump his girlfriend because I said what I see about her but I’m merely putting what I know of up here and what I witness of. I just believe Tom needs all of our support on what he does. Let him decide for himself and I pray at night for GOD to guide him in the right direction and have his own free will of choice. Not what someone else tells him that is great for him but what is meant for him. I could go on more and more.

    I know more than I should about Tom but I think I should stop now cause I’m a huge fan and I respect his choice. I just hope and pray Tom finds his true soulmate and his truly happy ending with lots of love. Sometimes in this world you don’t ever find that person but for some odd reason that I don’t know why I adore Tom so much,that I really pray with all my love,all my heart,all my soul, mind and body that he truly finds his!I can see that he’s funny, loving, caring, and too sweet of a guy too be taken advantage of. You know seriously you can’t put price on love no matter who you are!

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I’m not here to hurt anyone or anybody or fact Tom. Like I said I just want him to be happy. In this world you have to be extremely careful who allow into your heart because sometimes people choose the beauty on the outside quicker than what’s really on inside of the others heart and soul. Just think what I said and I hope you don’t delete my comment. There’s things in this world that you should open up your eyes and ears to see and listen. Don’t let things and people fool you.

    But always I will stand on Tom’s side and I will support him in his choices. For Tom has a right to his own free will. I’m Praying with all my love, all my heart, all my soul, mind and body for you Tom!!! AMEN!

    May GOD Bless You with lots of Love and a Fruitful life! AMEN! =)

  14. I can be completly honest and say I’ve hardly ever seen him with Jade?
    And she does look a bit like a goldigga
    Judging by the clothes and poses
    I’m not sure bout feltson/dramione but I think Bonnie Wright would be cool
    No pressure; It’s Tom’s descion guys!

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