Tom Felton in the German BRAVO

Last month, Tom Felton gave an interview to the German magazine BRAVO at RingCon in Bonn/Germany. It was the only interview which he gave at the event. The interview is now in the current issue of BRAVO. Tom wrote a special message to all BRAVO readers. Click on the scan below (right) to read the message.

The fan site TomFeltonEU has already translated the interview. Thanks!

BRAVO: Do you still see the other actors like Daniel Radcliffe , Rupert Grint or Emma Watson?
Tom: Never! (laughs out loud) No, a joke. We are spread over the whole world, but we see us when we are randomly in the same town.

BRAVO: Did you have something like a “Meeting Again party”?
Tom: Not yet, but it’s a good idea! Also cool would be to work together again. I wish to work with dan again. Didn’t see him for ages! But this time he has to be the bad guy and I am the hero!

BRAVO: What’s your dream role?
Tom: James Bond! Since I am 9 I want to play him.

BRAVO: How did your life change after the end of “Harry Potter”?
Tom: I have much more free time and I don’t have to dye my hair. This was what I hated most with playing Draco.

BRAVO: What do you do in your free time?
Tom: Most of the time I am in my house on the country side. It’s nice and quiet there. Only my dog Timber lives with me. Of course my girlfriend visits me often, but she lives in London and has to drive over 90 minutes. That’s annoying but we are used to it.

BRAVO: What do you do the whole day?
Tom: I do a lot of walks with Timber. At least 2 hours a day. And I force myself into the gym. It’s annoying but I have to stay fit for my job. On my way home I spoil it though with buying a big Pizza. I am bad in cooking. Actually I can only do toast and pancakes (laughs)

BRAVO: And in the evening? Big parties? VIP-Events?
Tom: Nearly never! Friends often visit and we watch football. My life is totally normal. I even go sleep early often or fall asleep during watching “The Simpsons”

BRAVO: If you were able to change something, what would it be?
Tom: I wished I was Harry Potter (laughs) And else? I must say, life was good to me so far. At the moment I am totally happy!

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