Tom Felton’s third and last day at Supanova in Brisbane

Today was the third and last day for Tom at Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane. Again we have many photos of him with his fans and some photos at his Q&A and autograph session. Thanks to all for sharing the photos with us.


Thanks to Laura, Lilijenberry, Criss, Adrian, Lara, Billie-lee, Chris, Sir Lay-on/Elise, Heidi B., Sabrina, Allana, Dylan, Izzy, Kaitlin, Jaimie, Tenille, Michael, Kayz01, Charlene, Naomi, Carmela, Daniel, Abigail, Heidi, Palkster, Maddison, Syliva, Jaid, Wild-indigo-yonder, Circus0ul, Golda, Angela, K Lim, Rebritish, Nati0ns, Karryne, Hannah, Joanna, Emily, Treefingers, Kat, Clint, Maddison, Hannah W., Katie, Tenille, Eriin, Lilijenberry and Claudia for the photos.

Please click here for the photos from Tom’s first day and here from his second day at Supanova.

Next weekend Tom will be at Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Adelaide. Feltgirl and Feltforce member Rotae will also be there and representing 🙂

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