Tom Felton confirms New Orleans and Paris convention appearances in January 2015

Tom has confirmed to Feltbeats today that he will be attending New Orleans Comic Con, and People-Con’s Welcome to the Magic School in Paris in the new year.

People-Con is hosting Welcome to the Magic School from the 17th – 18th of January, where Tom will attend alongside fellow Hogwarts alumni Matthew Lewis, Evanna Lynch, Bonnie Wright and Robbie Jarvis. Tickets can be purchased here.

On their Facebook page, People-Con posted:

News WTTMS: We are delighted to announce the 5th Welcome to the Magic School convention Guest! It’s the long-awaited TOM FELTON! Despite its use of the busy schedule he managed to break free for all you meet during this magical weekend! May be we will have the chance to be part of the story of Tom for the BBC!
Tom Felton is an Extra Guest, which means that its extras are therefore included in any Pass except VIP Pass but are available in quantities limited on our box office! be aware that we are still working on a final Guest who unfortunately does not know if it will be able to break free.
All photos Duos will be added to the box office in the evening.
Tom Felton will be part of the group photo.
We hope that this announcement will make you happy!

New Orleans Comic Con runs from the 9th – 11th of January. You can see all of the guest stars on their page along with ticketing information. It is possible that Tom will be filming shots for his upcoming BBC project Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics, so keep an eye on his Twitter page for updates!

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