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Last month the 1883 Magazine published an interview with Tom Felton.
They also uploaded photos from a new photoshoot by Arved Colin-Smith.

Even though it’s been 20 years since audiences first saw Tom Felton in Harry Potter and the bleach blonde locks he donned as he came of age have long gone, he doesn’t mind still being called Draco now and then.

It’s hard to imagine being on the cusp of teenagehood and getting cast in a role that would inevitably follow you for the rest of your life. It’s a decision not many 12-year-olds have ever had to make. But for Tom Felton, the luck of being cast as the blonde villain Draco Malfoy is not lost on him, nor does he buckle at the weight of the fans’ feverish passion and love for the character and the franchise. Instead, it’s something he embraces; warmly reminiscing about his coming of age as a teen wizard and the impact it’s had both on himself and his fans. It’s why he’s put pen to paper and written Beyond The Wand, a memoir of anecdotes, tales, and magical memories from his life at Hogwarts.
If you’re unfamiliar with Felton’s work post-Potter, let us catch you up to speed. Outside of his acting credits, which consist of roles on The Flash, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and countless others, recently Felton has been leaning into new adventures that he describes as “slightly terrifying” but ones that need to be explored. This year alone he made his West End debut in 2:22: A Ghost Story, portrayed Guy Fawkes in an interactive theatre experience in London’s The Gunpowder Plot, to writing and, eventually releasing, his aforementioned memoir. All three are brand new experiences for Felton, speaking to the love he has for his craft and his dedication to continuously push his comfort levels. 
At his core, Felton is a lover of the arts. Outside of the Potter hysteria and booking acting gigs, he began writing and recording songs. It was the first outlet he had that wasn’t about portraying someone else. It was always just for him. Now, after several EPs and singles, he’s dedicating himself to what fans have been asking for since his first body of work in 2008: live shows and a full-length record. Like with everything that Felton has touched prior, it’s inevitably going to be good. 
1883 Magazine’s Kelsey Barnes chats with Tom Felton about making his West End debut in 2:22: A Ghost Story, why he doesn’t mind being asked about Harry Potter 20 years later, his upcoming memoir, and more.

credit: 1883 Magazine


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