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It’s been a busy week for Tom related news and videos, and we here at strive to keep you up to date with all the latest in Tom related goodness. From tweets to fan videos to interviews, we have it all.

First up, featured Tom’s tweets concerning his dye-job for Draco’s new ‘do in their Twitter-wood movie blog. Inquiring minds will be happy to note that the dye process has been completed, and Tom will be making his first on-camera take as Draco in the Deathly Hallow films tomorrow.

From Tom’s Twitter account:

Morning all! So they had to dye it 4 times until it was white enough! My patience was wearing thin! All done now and ready to shoot tomorrow.

In related news, Harry Potter Producer David Heyman had this to say about Tom in a recent interview with Film Journal International.

“Tom has been in all the films,” says Heyman, “and it’s wonderful for him—in this film particularly—to have something to flex his acting muscles. I think it is a more nuanced performance because he has much more to do.”

Speaking of Harry Potter news, upset you won’t be able to make the London premiere on 7 July? No worries! Warner Brothers has announced that they will be streaming the premiere online so all you at home will be able to watch as Tom and the gang walk the red carpet. The live feed will begin at 6pm BST (1pm EST) and can be found via the Livestream website. Planning on making the event live, in person? Want to support Tom and Check out the Feltbeats Forum for information on which Feltbeats Army members will be attending and how you can join in the fun. Planning on attending the premiere in New York on 9 July instead? Contact Feltbeats Admin BSerLori for information on how you, too, can join the Feltbeats Army as they invade New York.

And last, but not least, we have a fan-made video of Tom greeting fans in Leicester Square for the Harry Potter tour event. I think he realizes he was being watched. 😉

Thanks, Estrella89san, for sending in the video.

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton Tidbits & Clips from Around the Web

  1. Nice finds and THX for the livestream info !!!Oh and you only think he knows he was being watched huh LOL !!was a great video i <3 it : ) XX

  2. Even aware that he’s being watched, Tom’s knows how to stay of an incredible natural and spontaneous, that’s what caught my eye. Always ever so kind…Such qualities are priceless, nowadays. Thank you for keeping us tuned, guys!

    With Love,


    • Omg, me too!
      0:51 I forgot to breathe, he caught me by surprise, lol
      It’s like he’s looking directly at you.
      Swoon worthy moment!

  3. I love the vid that was so funny, i was expecting him to say something the whole time, around 3:50 I heard something about Rocky Horror Picture show and about died laughing trying to figure out what Rocky Horror had to do with Harry potter.

  4. I love this video of our Tom he really is lovely guy and anyone who meets him will find out for themslves. He is a natural with his fans.

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