Video of Tom Felton in French exclusive “Half-Blood Prince” special

An exclusive Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince special appeared on France’s 50min Inside and features 10 minutes of behind the scenes footage, interviews, and new scenes not previously released.

The special included interviews with Tom Felton, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Jessie Cave, and Bonnie Wright along with a variety of backstage personnel from producers to stunts to cameramen.

Tom is seen within the first minute with his short interview following around the 3 minute mark. I highly recommend watching the entire thing (even if you don’t speak French) for all the new never-before-seen footage that includes a small tidbit of Tom on the train and a slightly extended clip from the bathroom sequence.

The entirety is dubbed over in French, but if anyone wanted to translate what Tom says for us, you can send it in here. [Note: I had to edit the video to fit YouTube requirements (I did not delete any Tom, don’t worry). If you would like to watch it in its entirety, you can download it from]

Thanks to Axelanderya, we have a partial translation, below:

[Sandrine Quétier] “Here we go? Come on, follow us.”

[off voice] It’s a scoop, ’50 minutes inside’ is the only french Tv show which could be introduce in this very secret set, here in London.The set of the sixth part of Harry Potter’s adventures.

[Nikos Aliagas] “What will I cook us?
[Sandrine Quétier] “For dinner? I don’t know, I would see that little thing, what’s in it?”
[Nikos Aliagas] “A soup of gnomes’ eyes.”
[Sandrine Quétier] “Oh yes it’s not bad.”

[off voice] Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince, the movie event of this summer.

[Dumbledore’s voice] “You’re the chosen one Harry”
[Hermione’s voice] “Be conscientious of who you are.”
[Dumbledore’s voice] “Without you, the fate will decide of the world destiny. You don’t have the choice.”
[unknow voices] “Harry!! Noooo!”
[Dumbledore’s voice] “You mustn’t fail.”
[Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson -N/A in french, wow] “Hello it’s… Daniel Radciffle, Rupert Grint et Emma Watson pour Harry Potter, pour 50 minutes inside. (applause) Yes!”

[off voice] Exceptionally we could meet the main actors of the movie and all the staff, they give us the secrets of a super-production and a world phenomenon. Harry Potter, 4 billion and half of ‘benefices’ for
the fifth first movies.

[off voices translating D.Radcliffe] “You know I spend plenty of time working with people who became my best friends. It really is a pleasure. Not everyone has this luck.”

[David Yates] “This movie is an interesting mixture between romantic comedy and mysterious murder.”

[Stephane Boudsocq] “It’s absolutely huge, Harry Potter arrives before the James Bond saga for instance, and before the Star Wars saga.”
[Harry] “I need to do it! Fight back, you’re a coward! Fight back!”

[off voice] What are the new Harry Potter’s secrets? Guided tour on the set.

( Time mark : “Exclusif, les sercrets de Harry Potter” = Scoop, Harry Potter’s secrets)

[Nikos Aliagas] “Here we are in one of the most famous Harry Potter streets…”
[Sandrine Quétier] “… A street that we find during all the six episodes, the famous Diagon Alley.
[Nikos Aliagas] “… Diagon Alley where you can find weird potions, magical formulas, not very worthy stuff…”

[off voice] We are in one of the biggest studios in Great Britain in London’s banlieue, a rebuilt castle, a park created for the occasion and a street more real than reality. It’s in that decor, protected as a fortress, that the Harry, Ron and Hermione adventures are directed, three
young wizards who ‘re study in a wizard school in a parallel world as Men’s.

[Harry] “Have you ever heard about this spell? Sectumsempra?
[Hermione] No, never! If you had a bit of self-esteem, you would bring this book back.
[Ron] You’re crazy or what? He’s the best of the class, he’s better than you.

[off voice] The young actors interprating that characters were unknow 7 years ago,
now they’re stars.

[Nikos Aliagas] “How do you handle the celebrity?”
[Daniel Radcliffe] “I don’t like to be treated as a star, people consider you as a star if you act as one of them. But if you don’t come into this ridiculous game, generally they don’t treat you differently. Which is great. For me, the most important is to not read what is written in the press.”
[Nikos Aliagas] “Nothing?”
[Tom Felton] “Nothing, it’s very weird for me who is a normal person, to receive that letter that say, “We love you!” It’s scary sometimes but I try to separate myself from gossip.”

[Hermione] “This guy has more tentacles than a ‘flaganouf’.”
[Server] “Dragon tartar?”
[Hermione] “Erf, no it’s okay. Thank you.”
[Server] “Great, it gives you horrible breath.”
[Hermione] “Actually… If it can push Cormac.”

[Emma Watson] “Being a part of that movie it’s really unbelievable, but it gives you lot of responsibilities.
So many people love the characters, you can’t disappoint them.”

[Hermione] “Excuse me. I have to vomit.”

[off voice] These teenagers are known in the whole world today, particularly Daniel Radcliffe. But the big news for these actors in this sixth opus is that their characters will discover love.

[Ginny] “Open your mouth, you don’t trust me?”

[off voice] And it’s in that huge frame that all will play.

[Sandrine Quétier, Nikos Aliagas] “Hello, hello, do you know them? No, I don’t know them.”

( Time mark : “Les premiers amours” = Firsts loves)

Anyone else have more? If not, stay tuned and we hope to have the rest soon!

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  1. Oh My God I love Draco in the train and I was crying when Draco is crying i felt bad for him 😥 and i never understand what the french means???


  2. In brief Tom says that all this love from people embarasses him.
    He try to come apart of harry potter.
    He thinks that he is normal. He is not a celebrity, not a star.
    He is a guy like another and it’s difficult for him to hear : “we love you !!!!”

    Chiefly, that what he said in the video. 😛
    Soon, i’ll translate the video and i’ll post it in youtube. 🙂

    • y can`t you just send it to lilyginnys link when translated? please do that for me and mony other tomfans! thanks a lot. jem

  3. Hey

    I’m a Tom Felton fan and I discoverd this site!
    I just wanted to say that if you need help to translate videos in french I can help because i’m french so…

    Thanks for all what you do!

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