Tom Felton Writes Songs about Harry Potter Set – Q&A Session: 3rd Day!

Here’s some – I actually think it’s almost the whole, or half, session – of the Dragon*Con Q&A session from Sunday! Thank you, cloudyvisions, for posting these on Youtube!!!

Some Highlights:
> “For All I know Harry and Draco could get together!” More Harry/Draco pics, and Harry and Draco’s little moment and their relationship 19 years on… what does it really mean?
> What did Tom Felton’s Mum decline?
> Why did Draco Malfoy cry on the set of the second movie?
> Harry Potter Set Secrets!
> Who does Tom Felton really want to meet?
> “Is that Voldemort!?”
And that’s a pretty good moment to tell you to just WATCH THE REST! 😀 Except that, you know, our very own BSERLORI asks a question in Video Number 5!! {YES, THERE IS A VERY VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR SOMEONE REALLY SPECIAL TO US HERE AT FELTBEATS!!!!!! If you can’t wait… it’s at Minute 3:30, about. :D}

JUST so you guys know: Official versions of Dragon*Con will be posted sometime in the next several days! Feltbeats had special video-taping privileges, and we hope to share those videos with you soon. I’ve been notified that, for instance, this particular session was actually fifty minutes long!! As soon as the editing is done, and the uploading-to-youtube finished, you guys will definitely be able to see them. Thanks for hanging in there with us. 😀

15 thoughts on “Tom Felton Writes Songs about Harry Potter Set – Q&A Session: 3rd Day!

  1. The whole session is 50 minutes. recorded two video angles which will be edited together tomorrow after I get the rest of it in my inbox. But I see Youtube has already spoiled our surprise for Misha…. Ah, the wonders of the internet… 😉

    • I’ll be surprised again tomorrow! No worries! LOL. =)

      I love watching all this, it’s a nice preview!… and I can’t wait to see the nice official version! =)

      • It’s lovely AND not of the screen, but of him. Southernbets made friends with Tom’s bodyguard who got them “in” with the Dragon*Con people.

        You’ll have to wait for the video though, now. It’s being overnighted to me since part of it wouldn’t load properly.

  2. … and I thought Dramione shippers were waay larger than Drarry’s!! Could it be that Harry x Draco famous-ness has anything to do with Daniel-Tom closeness? Hmm.. curious curious ;p

    • Not really.
      The H/D fandom has been huge for years, way longer than Tom and Daniel have been close. It just seems to get bigger and bigger. It’s almost a fandom of its own, Lol.
      There are a lot of awesome writers dedicated to it. It usually has a much higher standard of fic than any of the other ships.
      eg: Mistful/Maya, who is now a published author with a fan base of her own.

      • Gotta agree with you there. Having seeing quite a bit of pretty much every ‘ship’ in the HP fandom for close to 8 years, the quality of both the H/D fanart and the fanfiction is outstanding and it’s certainly nothing new ;). Gotta give props to the ladies for the the H/D questions because I know quite a few people wanted to see his reaction and I can’t believe he’s so cool about it <3.

      • I agree with you, though I must say that Tom & Dan’s friendship helped me embrace the idea of Drarry, and I doubt I’m the only one! Lol

        (Oh and Dramione shippers not necessarily use Tom/Emma for ‘visualization’, but I’m not sure about Drarry, I really can’t imagine anyone more suitable than Tom & Dan. – I think that somehow helped boost the curiousity in the Q&A section)

        Misha happy belated birthday!! I envy you and the girls to be able to get close to Tom, honestly!! But really, without you and the FA, I can’t get my daily dose of Tom Felton to keep me alive and breathing! >.< so.. thank YOU!!

  3. Well, happy birthday Misha, first of all. 😀 And section five is an epic win. Though I find that questions are repeated a bit from other panels, it’s always good to see the actor’s insight to their character. Helps people to learn about the neuances that don’t exactly transfer to the screen immediately.

  4. Awwww that’s awesome! How cute of you guys to do that and how nice of him to say that!

    Stuff like that makes doing this site worth while. =)

    *sighs happily*

  5. hear hear! Happy belated Birthday Misha! Tom seemed really proud of everything you guys have done 🙂 Im sure there are many readers out there who were nodding their heads at his comments.. also just wanna say what strikes me was how unfailingly polite he was!! He jibed he laughed he gestured but he still made sure that the person asking questions got his full attention and appreciation! This is wicked people skills and not many celebs can pull it off.. Hats off to you Mr Tom, wooing us with ur old school gentleman charms xx

  6. Tom is SO adorably polite. i bet his mother is very proud of him 😉 that was so sweet, giving Misha a great big birthday wish.

  7. Thanks for uploading! This one is so nice! Tom’s so cute and so funny! He really needs to check out ‘A Very Potter Musical’ It’s very good! And I love how he was surprised when they said ‘she’!


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