Tom Felton & Daniel Radcliffe’s Friendship Featured in Hungarian BRAVO Magazine

Thanks to Felton Fan Andrea for sending us scans from the latest edition of Hungary’s BRAVO Magazine. It seems Tom and his friend Dan’s relationship is working it’s way across Europe as BRAVO has also recently done articles in both their Polish and German versions of the magazine.

The article’s discuss Tom and Dan’s relationship both on and off the set. You can read the Polish translation at the above link.

20 thoughts on “Tom Felton & Daniel Radcliffe’s Friendship Featured in Hungarian BRAVO Magazine

    • Woah, cheers Andrea. Thats awesome.

      And I want this magazine 🙁 In english :'(

      Lol.. and thats so sweet that Jade made them friends.. and are they best friends? Cute! xx

    • Waaw.. Thank you, Andrea!! I’m glad I’m checking out comments xD
      I know! Their friendship is cute! A bit unfortunate though they’d waited 7 years before quite knowing each other, but better late than never!!

    • It’d b be very interesting to check out how Dan’s known Jade earlier than Tom did ( was it also on and/or off set), and to be explained more clearly how she’s brought them up together. But as Fathskie said, better later than never, for 7 is an auspicious number to start anything, even a wonderful frienship such as theirs!

      With Love,


      • I think they’ve been friends longer though – in the 2nd movie they said that they ‘loved each other really’ and teased each other .. the videos on youtube (;

        But I agree with Samantha Rosenwood .. how does Dan know Jade before Tom?


  1. Since Jade is the assistant to the stunt coordinator, Dan would have known her long because he did stunts from the beginning. Of course, that’s only my guess. 🙂

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