Tom Felton interviewed in Glamour Greece

Thanks to Feltbeats Army member irooloo for sending us these scans and translation from the latest edition of Glamour Greece. Tom gave the interview with this internationally known magazine when in attendance for the Greek premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince back in August.

Hogwarts sent two of their most famous students to Athens for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Evanna Lunch (Luna Lovegood) talked to Mara Theodoropoulou.

Facing Tom Felton

He looks like a miniature of Eminem (the last 8 years he has to dye his hair blonde) and many people insult him because they think that he is truly awful. Tom Felton, though, is a lovely ,enthusiastic person and a genuine rocker.

Malfoy’s part is much bigger in this movie, as he has to face a moral dilemma. How did you adapt your performance this time?

It was kind of scary at first, because Malfoy would be very different, and I didn’t know if I could manage it. Before the time we started filming, though, I met David Yates many times, the director of the movie, and he explained me how he wanted Draco to be. In many scenes Draco is alone, walking in the halls and generally more lonely than other years where there was more contact with other people. Thanks to David , who was my moving strength, I felt more self-confident.

Did JK Rowling advise you on how to play Malfoy?

No, she is not coming much when we’re filming and she leaves it to the producers and director’s opinion. We were honored, though, to have her this year at the premiere in London. She talked to all the cast and said that she is very satisfied with the result. The writer’s approval is the biggest honor and happiness for any actor.

How did your cameo in Get him to the Greek appear?

How did you get to know that? We filmed it five days ago! Jonah Hill came to the place we were filming Harry Potter the same week and we met each other. I like Superbad very much , and I am a big fan of Seth Rogen and of course Jonah. I was pleased to meet him, we talked and the next day he called me and asked me if I wanted to participate in the movie. I had the opportunity to be away from Harry Potter and be in a very different kind of film. I enjoyed it very much, I was between very funny people.

Did you meet Russell Brand?

We talked very little. He is funny and a little misunderstood, I think. The only thing that is true for him is that he is surrounded by beautiful women.

You have music as a hobby, there are many videos of you on YouTube where you play guitar and sing. Will you release your music?

Some of my songs are available on iTunes. I recorded myself in my room, and they are “low quality.” Videos have been out there for about 2 years and the response is very encouraging. As long as people will ask me to share more songs , I will be disposed to do it. It’s my passion. When I’m not filming any scene, I am in my trailer playing guitar. There are people who asked to change their trailer to be away from me so they could stop listening to my playing!

At least you don’t play Wizard Rock. Do you know Draco and the Malfoys?

I have met their agent. They have a song called Tom Felton’s Kinda Hot, something that is very strange (laughs). I have heard that wizard rock is very successful. Those guys, like Harry and the Potters, make a lot of money! I hope someday I will see them playing live.

Quote from Tom in the small box:

The Bad and the Beautiful
“Play live with Draco and the Malfoys? Maybe. I like the idea,” Tom promises us.

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  1. Hm.. ♥ Luna/Evanna, and her style. Lols. Tom’s amazing. ;pp. Hm would be great if Tom collaborate with wizard rocks.. :)) shall listen to more wizard rocks! ;pp.

  2. I would actually love it if Tom teamed up with Draco and the Malfoys – their on my running playlist! Hahah… classic! (:

  3. I sorta of disaagree/agree w/ Draco & the Malfoys song: Tom Felton is kinda hot. Why u ask my reason ugh no kinda about it HE IS HOTT!!!!

  4. ” The writer’s approval is the biggest honor and happiness for any actor. ”

    Thats’s superb!

    People who have read the book and seen the film are also delighted with the result … A game full of delicacy and a very beautiful photography all along the movie!

  5. I can translate this article, I am from Czech Republic. However, I need the biggest version of it.

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