Tom Felton Says Farewell Scene Is All About ‘Presence And Look’

Here is part 3 of Tom’s latest MTV interview.

While the recent trailers and TV spots for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” have proven to be sufficient teasers for Potterheads — showcasing a darker, more serious film and more harrowing action sequences — fans can’t seem to get enough news about the series’ much-discussed/hyped final scene: the epilogue.

When MTV News caught up with celebrated villain and MTV Movie Award winner Tom Felton, we asked him if in his big final scene, which is set 19 years in the “Potter” future, Draco Malfoy closes the series with any sweeping dialogue.

“I had a monologue prepared, but time was short,” he joked. “No, it was all in the presence and the look.”

So Draco Malfoy’s farewell is all in his menacing presence? “This is the idea, that’s what they told me,” he said. “Hopefully that reads. It was a lot of fun.”

Adding to the epilogue fun is the fact that Felton’s real-life girlfriend, “Potter” stunt assistant Jade Olivia, plays his wife in that final shot.

“She was at first reluctant, but I pulled her arm and twisted it,” Felton told MTV at last month’s Movie Awards of convincing Olivia to step in and play Astoria Malfoy. “She was filming with me for three days at King’s Cross [railway station in the U.K.]. We were very excited.

“It gave me a chance to see what she’s going to look like in 19 years,” Felton added. “And if that’s what she looks like, I’m doing pretty well for myself,” he laughed. “But I look terrible,” he said of his own aged visage. “The years have not been kind to me in the slightest. But what can I do? I’ve gotta just roll with it.”

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton Says Farewell Scene Is All About ‘Presence And Look’

  1. Cool interview. No doubt about it. Tom Felton will pull off what he was suggested to do in the epilogue scene. Yeah, the makeup crew didn’t age Draco Malfoy nicely. Shame. But he stills look good. 🙂

  2. i already KNEW jade would be playing mrs. malfoy. i mean, if feltbeats didnt pitch the idea to tom and/or the producer i don’t think it would’ve happened – bad idea i say. NOT to mention she was reluctant. he pushed her when she didnt want to do it. shouldn’t have happened.

    of course im biased (and no doubt ppl here will argue against me). but i always thought she’d be blonde. her sister’s blonde so why would she be a brunette?

    i thought jade’s surname was gordon, why does the media sometimes call her ‘jade olivia’? can anyone clarify this for me?

    • I’m quite sur than when my fellow friends at Feltbeats had first suggested Jade could play a lovely Astoria, and that Thomas had wished to help the latter when she had expressed herself some interest into the part, either thought about doing any wrong.

      However, that Jade had witnessed some reluctancy, for some reasons, at the last minute, didn’t really surprised me, and rather understand very well why Thomas had to do what he’s done.

      Last year, she’d exactly done the same thing before the “In Good Hands” album release, when Thomas had proposed to her to come with him into his recording studio.

      With Love,


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