Photos of Tom Felton at Leaky Con

Tom Felton was at LeakyCon in Dallas last weekend.

Tom posted during the con:

and his manager John Alcantar posted this pic :

Harry keeping an eye on Draco in the background at Leaky Con in Dallas.

More pics in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos!

Thanks to Leaky Con for the updates during Tom’s panel yesterday :

“Alan [Rickman] insisted on having this long cloak that draped on the floor. Alan turned around after the first take and said, ‘Don’t step on my effing cloak.’ We thought he was joking— he wasn’t.”
@TomFelton on filming Half-Blood Prince #LeakyCon

“It’s something that’s always going to be part of my life, and I’m very proud of it.”
@TomFelton on the Harry Potter fandom #LeakyCon

“I have a small fantasy in years to come, as I get older, I’ll get to play Draco on the stage.”
@TomFelton on Cursed Child #LeakyCon

@TomFelton has enjoyed riding scooters around Dallas. He’s hoping to hit up Medieval Times while he’s here #LeakyCon

“Let’s hear it for @jk_rowling! She singlehandedly got a generation back into reading.” –
@TomFelton at #LeakyCon

“They’re not really bad. They’re tortured, or confused, or bullied themselves… you start to feel a touch of empathy because you realize he’s got a crap father.” @TomFelton on often playing “the bad guy” #LeakyCon

“I loved working with Helena Bonham Carter, who played Bellatrix. I had a massive crush on her.” –

“I’ve seen parts of it. I’ve seen chunks. If I meet the lovely Lauren, I’ll ask her some tips.” –
@TomFelton on @LaurenLopez1 and A Very Potter Musical #LeakyCon

“We were reading that there was a slap. I went up to @EmmaWatson and said, ‘Let’s practice this.’ She took one look at me and slapped me right in the face. She DID hit me, just not on camera.” – @TomFelton on Hermione hitting Draco #LeakyCon

“I got bloody Gryffindor, didn’t I?” @TomFelton was disappointed to not get Slytherin on the @pottermore sorting quiz #LeakyCon

“Favorite Disney princess? I think I had a thing for Jasmine. I’d play Jasmine. I’d look great in that.” – @TomFelton #LeakyCon

“[@Evy_Lynch] did great [on #DWTS], didn’t she? She was trying to convince me to do it the other day. I would love to see @Mattdavelewis do it. We should start a campaign right away.” – @TomFelton #LeakyCon

“I’m not sure about the fascination with Drarry. I do love Daniel, but we never got together like that.” –
@TomFelton on the biggest Draco ships #LeakyCon

“People always say I was part of their childhood. You were part of mine! Because of all you lovely people, we were able to do 8 [movies]. So thank you!” – @TomFelton #LeakyCon

Thanks to Geek Gals for the updates during the panels on Saturday and Sunday :

What stands out to you from your time on the films? @TomFelton says they were so lucky: “it felt like kids messing around… Free sweets, free candy!” #LeakyCon

Regarding learning from the seasoned actors, @TomFelton says “it did help that the only person I recognized was Alan Rickman… Everyone else was an old person” #LeakyCon

“Jason, my dad, also taught me to steal props!” @TomFelton admits #LeakyCon

Fan asks which set was your favorite to film on?
@TomFelton says The Great Hall was a classic. @ScarleyByrne agrees. @afshan_azad says the Yule Ball set. @George_Leonidas didn’t film in the Ministry of Magic set but she loved that one.

Fan asks the guests what their favorite Broadway show? @TomFelton says Jersey Boys and The Cursed Child!

Pranks on set? @TomFelton says he and Daniel Radcliffe would change the language setting on people’s phones to Arabic… Oh dear! #LeakyCon #HarryPotter

Tiana Benjamin is all for Robert Pattinson being the next Batman! @TomFelton adds “he’s bloody gorgeous.” #leakycon2019

Favorite character you like overall? @TomFelton says Gilderoy because he’s a buffoon. @George_Leonidas says Slughorn! @afshan_azad says Neville. @ScarleyByrne and Tiana say Hermione.

“I have a small fantasy in years to come that I’ll be able to play Draco on the stage,” @TomFelton says #HarryPotter #DracoMalfoy #LeakyCon

Did you go to Medieval Times? @TomFelton hasn’t gone yet! #LeakyCon

How did “Tom Meets the Super Fans” come about? @TomFelton says he had this idea very early on when he first started going to cons. #LeakyCon

“After a few times, I realized these [cons] are one of the best places in the world… I made a video
@DragonCon. I showed my friends & I tried to explain about the positivity and love. It took me the long time to find the right words. The documentary came out of that.” #LeakyCon

Best fan interaction? @TomFelton says it’s impossible to think of just one… Other than one guy calling him a dick. He asked his mum what he had done wrong, and his mum said “it means you’ve done your job well.” #LeakyCon

What kind of roles are you most interested in now? @TomFelton says any role that just isn’t him. He does love trying to humanize people who don’t come across really well, such as Draco Malfoy. #LeakyCon

Fun fact: @TomFelton’s love for The Beatles started when his mom took him to see a cover band. #LeakyCon

Fan asks if he had ever played Quidditch outside the films? @TomFelton says no but he was watching people play it yesterday. #LeakyCon

Fan asked if Draco had access to mental health services, would it have helped? @TomFelton says the parents were the biggest influence but “I’m sure Draco would’ve benefitted massively [from mental health services].” #LeakyCon

Fan asked about Hermione punching Draco? @TomFelton says “I lost a lot of street credibility!” #LeakyCon

Fan asks what is your favorite Disney princess and who would you like to play? @TomFelton said he had a thing for Jasmine and would totally play her. “I would look great. I got range!” #LeakyCon

Fan asks for his thoughts on Evanna Lynch on #DancingwiththeStars & who else he’d like to see on the show?
@TomFelton says he’d love to see Matt Lewis do it. #LeakyCon

Fan asks what jump-started your music career? @TomFelton says he used to rap! “I have more rap songs than guitar songs.” #LeakyCon

“[Music] is my favorite outlet, I’ve pursued it more in my personal life,” @TomFelton says #LeakyCon

Fan asks which ship do you prefer: Dramione or Drarry? @TomFelton says he definitely ships Dramione. “I do love dear Daniel but just not like that.” #LeakyCon

Fan asks about advice for anyone who wants to go into acting? @TomFelton says to do it because you love it, find material you’re passionate about it. #LeakyCon

Fan asks if you could go back to shoot the films, what would you do differently? @TomFelton says to steal more props and avoid getting slapped by Emma. #LeakyCon #HarryPotter

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