Tom Felton and the big carp – 10th Annual Jr. Carp Fishing Tournament

This week is the 10th Annual Jr. Carp Fishing Tournament and the site Adventures by Daddy has published a small article and looks back at the year 2002.

Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy Engorges a Fish! 10th Annual Jr. Carp Fishing Tournament

Engorgio! Exclaimed Draco Malfoy, and the carp he pulled from the deep grew, and grew, and grew thus enabling the wizard to win this particular challenge of the wizard fishing tournament. OK, that’s a bit of a fish tale, but it is true that the actor that played Draco Malfoy in every Harry Potter film, Tom Felton, did launch a carp fishing tournament in Ogdensburg, NY. He served as Grand Marshal for the first tournament 10 years ago, and has come back many years since. Continue reading for more details on the 10th Annual St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament, August 18-20, 2012 in the St. Lawrence River, and who knows, maybe you will even see a famous wizard in attendance.

The St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament began in 2002, after Tom Felton and his brother Chris visited the St. Lawrence River for a carp fishing holiday. He pointed out to the County Chamber that there were no carp fishing tournaments for young people, and so the Chamber established the event.

Tom and Chris

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New Interview: Tom Felton Faces The Two Sides of Draco Malfoy

Life Style: Movie Magic Magazine has just released it’s latest issue featuring dozens of pages on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Included are features on Tom, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Bonnie Wright.

The three page article on the life of Tom Felton includes information about his choir days, his music, his hopes to get out there and fish some more, and why he would love to continue acting.

Some notable quotes from Tom include:

On the comparison of filming and fishing…

“Patience is required heavily in fishing and much the same with the film set. Some days it doesn’t go as fast as you would have hoped or you would have expected. But it’s all about keeping the energy and not only being patient, but just enjoying every minute of it – because sometimes it can be quite easy to slump back if you have an hour or two to wait, and it’s important to make the most of the time with the cast and crew while you’re there.”

On fans confusing him with his character Draco…

“Very early on, some people took very seriously how I was making Harry’s life not pleasant at school and they would plead with me not to pick on him. They seem to associate me with something rather negative which I can only take as a compliment really, I suppose. … I tried to reasure them that nothing was real, and that me and Daniel [Harry] were quite good friends, but it didn’t work.”

And on his hopes for the future…

“I’d love to continue acting. … By the same token, I’m keeping all angles open, really. I’ve been intrigued to do other things. I mean, music has always been a passion of mine, and nature and so forth. I’m not really ruling anything out.”

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To see more scans from the magazine picturing Tom through the ages, click here.

Other articles feature the actors behind Tom Riddle (aka, Voldie-Mort), producer David Heyman, director David Yates, the designs behind the sets, and the fun and games the fans have at conventions. Also included is a sneak peek into the making of Deathly Hallows which features a lovely interview with Tom’s onscreen dad Jason Isaacs as he recounts begging author JK Rowling to “get me out of [Azkaban] prison.” Life Style: Movie Magic Magazine is available for purchase on news stands through the end of the summer.

Tom Felton named 2008 “Hero” by Field & Stream magazine

Both Tom Felton and Emma Watson have been named “Heros” by Field & Stream magazine for their contributions to fishing and other issues.

According to the Field & Stream blog entry, more details will be available in the next magazine.

To read more about all of the 2008 F&S heroes and villains, see “A Year in Review: The best (and worst) of hunting and fishing” in the Dec. ’08/Jan. ’09 double issue.