Exclusive: Feltbeats.com Interviews Tom Felton Part 2

On Monday, we posted Part 1 of our exclusive interview with Tom Felton, touching on his experiences filming Murder In The First. For Part 2, he chats about his upcoming projects, his recent visit to Diagon Alley, and starting a Boy Band with Dan and Rupert? Enjoy!!!


Feltbeats: What’s next on your schedule?

Tom: Heading off to work on a new feature film with Joseph Fiennes called “Clavius” for the next few months which I’m very excited about!

Feltbeats: Many HP stars play an instument or sing, would he ever like to record a song as an ensemble for the fans?

Tom: I’ve tried several times to start a pop group with Daniel and Rupert with little success. Never say never.

Feltbeats: What do you think of the success of Belle? The Reviews are fantastic!

Tom: I was so happy it got the response it did. It has such a relevant message today and I’m thrilled Amma is getting the credit she deserves, I’d jump at the chance to work with her again.

Feltbeats: You recently attended the preview of Universal Orlando. What did you think of Diagon Alley?

Tom: Unbelievable. They really have raised the bar.

Feltbeats: We would most likely find Draco Malfoy down in Knockturn Alley. Where would Tom Felton hang out?

Tom: Whichever place was dog friendly. The three broomsticks, they do great food…!

Feltbeats: If you were jonesing for a Harry Potter fix, where would you rather be? Studio tour or Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Tom: Both work differently. The studio tour is home and the park is pure escapism.

As always, it would not be a Feltbeats interview without a few silly questions. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Exclusive interview with Tom Felton on Monday!

Fan Account From Last Night’s Belle UK Premiere

As we previously reported, Tom Felton’s latest film “Belle” had it’s UK Red Carpet Premiere last evening. Feltbeat’s friend, and founder of Tom Felton Inc. Tina was in attendance as a guest of Director Amma Asante. Here is her account of the evening.

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It was a dream come true. I was invited to attend the premiere of Belle and the after reception at the BFI Riverside Southbank 5th June 2014 as the guest of Amma Asante .

On the day just before we left I received an email with more exciting news there was to be an after party at the Hippodrome Casino Leicester Square and we were invited.
There was to be I private performance of Prince at 1.00 am .

The day was going to be one to remember .

We arrived at the venue and picked up our Tickets at 6 o’clock . After collecting our tickets we waited at the entrance onto the red carpet unfortunately Amma had already arrived.

Next to arrive was GuGu Mbatha Raw and then Sarah Gadon and Tom Wilkinson and his wife and Sam Reid but no sign of Tom and soon we would have to join and walk the Red carpet to be seated by 6.45pm.

A silver Mercedes people carrier pulled up and a woman got out followed by Tom then Jade . They were here. Tom and Jade with her parents. Jade and her parents carried onto the carpet and Tom was coming towards me looking healthy and great in a beautifully tailored three piece suit and showing a great tan and he saw me and said ” Hello Tina” and asked if I was hoping to see the film and I replied “Yes I’m going to see it with you in a moment as Amma’s guest ” Tom replied “Great see you in there” and Tom made his way meeting fans .

We made our way onto the carpet and the first person I saw was Jade and I stopped for a chat and photos . Unfortunately we were ushered into the Cinema but we did have enough time for a quick photo a great momento to mark the occasion.

Once inside we were allowed into the Auditorium and we took our seats . There was a complimentary Bottle of water and Bar of Chocolate . After a brief introduction the cast were invited onto the stage and Amma invited to say a few words , the cast then joined the audience Tom Wilkinson and his wife were sat at the end of the row in front of us and Tom was in the next block over .


The film is brilliant and I was not disappointed and each of the cast gave a great performance . Tom was terrific as James Mansford as the character you love to hate. There was light hearted moments that made you laugh as well as sad as we see Dido rejected for her color . As Tom told us he is really nasty to Dido . At the end of the film there was a tremendous applause that was well deserved . I’m sure it will be a huge success here in the Uk given the chance .

We left the cinema and headed towards the restaurant and it was on the way that I met up with Tom again and we chatted about the film but soon Tom was in demand and we parted.The reception was awesome plenty of food and drink . Bowls of delicious salad and Canapes that ended with desert of miniture chocoate tarts.

Where we stood a few of the cast filtered over and this was when we met Sarah Gadon a lovely sweet person . Eventually I went and found Amma who luckily enough was with Tom and friends so again it was a brief introduction and chat with Tom then Amma . Tom Wilkinson was free so I managed a chat with him . Gu Gu I saw a few times but not to
It was awesome to know you were in the same room with so may stars. I was so lucky and it was great fun .

Soon came the time for us to leave for the Hippodrome .

Buses were leaving at 10.15 and 10.45 for Leicester square but we shared a taxi with a couple as buses were delayed .

Once inside the Hippodrome again everything was free drinks and food . The Bars were on the upper level and the casino with the roulette tables were below and it was here that I caught my last glympse of Tom and Jade not sure though if they were winning or losing.

It was about 11.30 we went to where Prince was to perform and he came on at about 12.15 for one and a half hours. It was fantastic Sarah and Gugu were at the back just behind us . Prince had a T Shirt on with the Belle girls on and Gugu was mentioned a couple of times . He performed all of his hits including Purple Rain . Tom I believe was up in the balcony watching but had left by the time we came out so I found out .

This was truely a wonderful unbelievable day that I will never forget .

I will carry on supporting Amma and Tom and the cast of Belle . All lovely People and I will treasure the memories I have of this day my only regret was I never managed to have a photo with Tom and Amma but there was no time .

Can I just add it is wonderful to feel part of what is going to be a successful film .

Good Luck Tom you were GREAT!

Tom 1

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Tom _3 JPG


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James Norton_1


Mr &Mrs Wilkinson

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Fox Searchlight To Release Belle In North America And UK

Deadline is reporting that Fox Searchlight has now secured the rights to”Belle” for release in North America and the U.K. The movie stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Emily Watson, Sarah Gadon, Penelope Wilton, Miranda Richardson, Tom Felton and Matthew Goode.They are expecting to release in Spring of 2014.


LOS ANGELES, CA July 1, 2013 – Fox Searchlight Pictures Presidents Nancy Utley and Stephen Gilula announced today that the company has acquired most worldwide rights including North America and the United Kingdom to BELLE, inspired by the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle. Directed by BAFTA Award winner Amma Asante and written by Misan Sagay, BELLE features Gugu Mbatha-Raw in her first starring role along with Academy Award nominee Tom Wilkinson, Academy Award nominee Emily Watson, Sarah Gadon, Penelope Wilton, Academy Award nominee Miranda Richardson, Tom Felton and Matthew Goode. The film was produced by Damian Jones. The film is scheduled to be released in Spring 2014.

“Gugu Mbatha-Raw is a revelation as Belle, she gives a brave and powerful performance joined by an outstanding ensemble cast and we look forward to introducing her to film audiences everywhere. We were entranced by this inspiring story of love and perseverance during a time of significant social and legal changes,” said Gilula and Utley.

“The experience and sensibilities of the team at Fox Searchlight make it a wonderful match for BELLE. I am so pleased their passion for this film means it now has the ability to be seen by audiences worldwide. We’ve worked hard to turn historical facts of the life of a true pioneer into a compelling and moving cinema experience,” said Asante.

“We are thrilled this magnificent film has found the perfect home. The Fox Searchlight team’s understanding of the film and its potential makes for an incredibly exciting journey through release and beyond,” said Jones.

BELLE is inspired by the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the illegitimate mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral. Raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) and his wife (Emily Watson), Belle’s lineage affords her certain privileges, yet the color of her skin prevents her from fully participating in the traditions of her social standing. Left to wonder if she will ever find love, Belle falls for an idealistic young vicar’s son bent on change who, with her help, shapes Lord Mansfield’s role as Lord Chief Justice to end slavery in England.

The deal was brokered by Fox Searchlight’s Vice President of Acquisitions Ray Strache, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs Megan O’Brien and Executive Vice President of Worldwide Acquisitions Tony Safford with Bankside Films’ Co-Managing Director Hilary Davis and Head of Sales & Marketing Stephen Kelliher and Christos Michaels of Lee & Thompson, as well as Steve Christian on behalf of Isle of Man Film and Pinewood Pictures. The film was developed by the BFI Film Fund which also backed production, alongside Isle of Man Film, Pinewood Pictures, Head Gear Films and Metrol Technology.


For more on Tom Felton’s character, check out our exclusive interview with him from last years NY Comic Con where he gives us a little sneak peek into the film.