HD Video of Tom Felton’s last Q&A Session at Dragon*Con

Feltbeats.com was given special permission to record Tom’s interviews while he was in attendance at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This last set of videos are from his final Q&A session of the event, and thanks to Feltbeats Admin BSerLori and Feltbeats Army member SouthernBets, we were able to capture the hour long program on two separate cameras. So yes, I edited the best bits of Tom together, just for your enjoyment. 😉

Some highlights from this final session include a touching, memorable tribute to his Mum and Dad for letting him live his dream, a remarkably funny impression of Alan Rickman that had me dying in my seat, and a poignant, hilariously careful choice of words when talking wistfully about his good friend Daniel Radcliffe. But best of all, let’s not forget that birthday shout out he did for Feltbeats Webmaster Misha that included his thanks to her for starting this site and bringing all of us together.

7 thoughts on “HD Video of Tom Felton’s last Q&A Session at Dragon*Con

  1. I do think than parental’s support is very important when one wants to live his dream, as well as to know your family’s always there when things might turn fishy. The same can apply to friendship, and I’m glad than he and Dan found a friend into each other after all those years. And his attention towards Misha witness than he knows how to recognize a well-inspired soul when he sees one. May he be forever like that…

    With Love,


  2. Please, when does he make an impression of Rickman and what does he say about Daniel? The vids are very long and I’m Spanish, so there are some things that I don’t understand.

  3. Lol. He notices the sudden silence in conversation. I used to call those ‘flat-spots’.

    Its a little irritating the lighting was so badly done that day. And is it just me or does he sound like he has a lisp in these recordings?

  4. Still, it’s cool of you guys to go to the trouble of getting this footage and editing it together for our viewing pleasure =) It is much appreciated.

  5. Thank you for making these and posting them.

    I am long time member of another fandm, my one and only until HP and I also loved a character that came and went in small bits. It took that fandom over 10 years to put his bits and pieces together into one whole stream of just HIM. LOL

    So thank you so very much! I hope post-HP, when he is other things that you keep up this kind of archiving!

  6. I wish I could help you right now, but they are all running together in my head. All I hear is Tom’s voice! It’s mindboggling! LOL

    I want to say try number 3 or 4. He looks wistful when he talks about Dan and he changes his voice when he does Alan. I’m at work so I can’t watch them to double check.

    Hope that helps!

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