Tom Felton’s “going to blow some serious minds.”

It’s been only a day since the announcement Tom gave concerning the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and already the one quote everyone remembers from it is that Tom declared “It’s going to blow some serious minds.” That’s okay, since Universal Studios in general seemed to blow Tom’s as he woke up this morning most excited about finally being able to relax and enjoy the park for what it is now that his work is done.

At an early 7:38 EST this morning, Tom tweeted:

woken up like a 5yr old and xmas day!can’t wait to go on some rides!!!! i’m literally a 5 year old..dnt want bfast or anything..just rides!

Is the park even open that early? Regardless, Tom was able to enjoy Universal Studios, and is already back in his hotel after what was probably a whirlwind tour of every roller coaster he could get his hands on.

had an amazing day at universal!! the new hollywood rock it ride is great! absolutely exhausted now…playing scrabble on the balcony…x

We’re glad to hear you were able to enjoy your day, Tom! If any photos or news concerning Tom’s tour of the park becomes available, we will let you know.

Thanks to TomFeltonFans_ for sending us the new pic!

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s “going to blow some serious minds.”

  1. So Happy that Tom’s happy!! still exstatic that hes only 4 hours away from me!! AGH!! imagine if he was in front me.. ;D

  2. I’m stoked about the HP Park at Universal Studios. Hell, Universal is only 30 mins away. I wish I could have seen him.

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