Tom Felton Talks Aging Alongside Daniel Radcliffe in Part 5 of his MTV Interview

In the fifth part of Tom’s epic phone call with MTV, Tom discusses recovering from broom riding at Hogwarts, aging alongside Daniel Radcliffe, and his “very good-looking” on screen dad, Jason Isaacs.

On the day we spoke with Tom Felton in Berlin, the “Harry Potter” star was still recovering from the muscle-bruising effects of some “Deathly Hallows” stunt work.

“I’m afraid to say riding a broomstick is no easy task,” he laughed to MTV News. “They strap you in well and truly.”

With that high-flying scene behind him, Felton has been looking forward, at long last, to shooting the concluding sequence in the series — that flash-forward postscript, in which author J.K. Rowling visits her core characters almost two decades in the future. It now seems director David Yates and his crew will make those scenes the final ones of the production shoot.

“Jamie Christopher, the first [assistant director], was always really keen to do that as the final scene, because it’s such a poignant moment for the franchise, that fact that it’s 19 years on, and we get to see what happened to the characters,” said Felton, who plays blond baddie Draco Malfoy. “I confess we haven’t shot that yet, but we are all extremely excited to do so.”

Though Felton wouldn’t confirm that the postscript will be shot using “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”-style special effects — rather than older actors standing in for their younger counterparts — it certainly seems that will be the case. Both Felton and Daniel Radcliffe can’t wait.

“Daniel and I have been talking about it for ages, and we are excited to see what we look like 19 years later,” Felton said. “We want to make sure that it’s flattering and we don’t look like 60-year-olds.”

Felton counts himself lucky that his onscreen father, British actor Jason Isaacs, provides a very attractive mock-up of what Draco might look like in the future. “Jason Isaacs is a very good model,” Felton said. “He’s a very good-looking guy for his age.”

27 thoughts on “Tom Felton Talks Aging Alongside Daniel Radcliffe in Part 5 of his MTV Interview

  1. Draco got baldness, after all this time, I still can’t believe it! I really look forward to see what they will look like!

  2. “Jason Isaacs is a very good model,” Felton said. “He’s a very good-looking guy for his age.”

    FOR HIS AGE!? lol. I don’t know if Mr. Isaacs is will thank him for that one.

  3. @feltbeats Just need to say: Thanks! You’re the best fansite Tom can ever have! Thank you for bringin us importat and new information! ♥U!

  4. i cant wait till the movie comes out its just really exciting to see how they will look 19 years later lol

  5. Oh, My Gosh!

    When Thomas first mentioned it on Twitter, I actually had an hard time believing it!

    The guy’s free to eat what he feels more like it, it’s not a scoop! *lol*

    With Love,


  6. Oh, yes…Muscle-bruising indeed. No wonder you were happy to be through with it, Thomas. But I hope they didn’t strapped you in too tightly, or else it’d explain your bruises.

    Do tell Jason Isaacs, your on-screen father, is quite a great inspirational figure to you, for otherwise, you wouldn’t speak about him that way, nor looking forward being…a reminiscence of him for the final scene of the series!*wink*

    With Love,


  7. @feltbeats On Tom’s new song ‘She’ who says, at the beginning “Im, not feeling very creative today” I cant work it out!

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