Tom Felton talks glowingly of “The Apparition” co-star Ashley Greene in latest MTV interview loves Tom almost as much as we do, and in his latest interview with the station, Tom rhapsodizes about his latest co-stars Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan, and discusses how great it is to work with new talent.

“Harry Potter” star Tom Felton had only been in Berlin shooting “The Apparition” for a few days when MTV got a chance to chat with him last week. In that short time, though, Tom said his costars Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan made a very distinct impression on him.

“The Apparition” is getting plenty of buzz because it will be a crossover of two of the biggest teen franchises around: “Harry Potter” and “The Twilight Saga.” Add that to the fact Sebastian Stan is from cult teen TV series “Gossip Girl” and you’ve got what seems to be a perfect cocktail for the teen demographic’s box office dollars, despite the fact “The Apparition” is described somewhere between a mystery and a thriller.

When Tom first got signed on to star as bad boy Draco Malfoy in “Harry Potter,” he and his costars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were all unknown child actors who were picked from casting calls at English grade schools. While they have all grown up to be big actors in their own right, this will be the first time Tom will be walking into a film with young actors who have already established themselves as talented professionals.

“It gives me great, great pleasure to not only be a part of a great project but also to be working with such exciting new talent,” Tom told MTV News. “It’s to be part of that, really, hopefully, to be featured among that young talent.”

Tom was very impressed with how untarnished by fame Ashley Greene was.

“She seems like a very, really positive, very, very friendly young lady, in no way at all ‘Hollywood’,” Tom said. “You know, I didn’t have any expectations. In no way is she a diva or anything like that. She’s a lovely girl and clearly extremely talented, which excites me to be working with such great young talent.”

He added of Sebastian, “He couldn’t be more of a gentleman. He’s a real cool guy who, again, even in my real short time I can see the extreme talent with the pair of them. “

What do you think about the trio starring in “The Apparition”? Are you excited to see the crossover of three popular series?

If you have an account at MTV, head on over and leave a comment to answer their question above. Think it’s great Tom’s working with such great new talent? Let us know, too, in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Tom Felton talks glowingly of “The Apparition” co-star Ashley Greene in latest MTV interview

  1. Hum…Looks like Thomas has found his match into Sebastian regarding the gentleman part, while he’s found in Ashley his down-to-earth one, which I think is a clever balance.

    I also think that to have been working with them will be a plus for him, later on.

    For how many young actors don’t come out untarnished by fame, these days? Excellent remark, Thomas.

    With Love,


  2. i’m so excited about this film:)it seems that they’re all working very well together.I think this film may be a hit!!Tom’s saying his co-star as gentleman and young lady….that’s so English!!

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