Video of Tom Felton with Ben Lyons of E! Online

While Tom was on vacation in Las Vegas last week, he had the opportunity to join in on the premiere of Get Him to the Greek, a film starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Tom had a small cameo in the film that he discussed over blackjack with Ben Lyons of E! Online.

In the interview, Tom discussed doing the scariness of improvisation, how he would like to continue doing comedy after finishing with Potter, and the “wittier than most” Harry Potter jokes he had thrown at him by Jonah Hill.

Thanks to Melissamoo for the find!

5 thoughts on “Video of Tom Felton with Ben Lyons of E! Online

  1. Oh, yes, improvisation is always a bit scary, but also very challenging, because it’s nothing to do with learnt lines!

    I enjoyed doing that very much during my Drama class while I was in High School. I still think it’s the best part!

    Doing some comedy? Why not?

    The sound is quite blurry, I didn’t quite catch everything, but you’ve been your enthusiastic, smiling and professional self, as ususal.

    With Love,


  2. I cannot get this to play on any website. Anyone else have problems?

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