More Coverage From The Moët British Independent Film Awards

As we previously reported, Tom Felton was in attendance at The Moët British Independent Film Awards last night. Stefan Pape from HeyUGuys had the opportunity to interview him on the Red Carpet.

We also have this blurb from Tina over at TomFeltonInc about her experience seeing Tom last night. Thanks for sharing Tina!

Tom Attends The Moet British Independent Awards,
Last night Tom attended the “ Moet BIFA Awards” and I was lucky enough to be there to greet him when he arrived.
Last Thursday I found out from a friend that Tom was listed to attend The Moet British Independent Awards on Sunday.
I was planning to go to the premiere of “The Hobbit” so it was change of plan I thought it would be lovely to go and share my adventure with fans, but there was always the chance Tom may not be able to attend. I’m so glad I went now. Unfortunately no personal photos
it was impossible to take any but I can share my Adventure with you.
Here we Go!!
Sunday morning came and I went by train to London at 8.30 am. After stopping for breakfast I arrived at Old Billingsgate by 11.30 am, early I know for an evening event but you never know just how many are going to be there to greet luckily there was just 6 of us at the time.
The day was cold but luckily there was Starbucks nearby to keep us supplied with Hot drinks – Go try their Christmas Gingerbread Latte its delicious – Oops sorry back to my adventure.
The crowd gradually started to grow and barriers put up.
At 6.00pm guests started to arrive and soon the crowd was huge a mixture of fans and guests. The doors were finally opened at 6.15 and guests disappeared inside followed by a stream of cars delivering Important guests – The Celebrities – but unfortunately there was no security outside, it was madness fans began to mob these lovely people and there was no chance of photos.
From behind the barriers we were lucky to meet John Hurt (Olivander and Tom’s co star in the Labyrinth) and his lovely wife who I had a lovely chat with but Fans came from behind the barriers and surrounded John which was a shame because John like Tom loves to spend time signing and chatting. Later Domnall Gleeson and Micheal Gambon from Harry Potter arrived and also Harry Treadaway (Matthew in The Disappered) made an appearance.
I did eventually join them mainly because it was possible that Tom would be arriving at that entrance although there was an alternative entrance and we wanted to make sure Tom made it safely inside.
At about 7.00 Pm Tom’s car pulled up and along with my mate Rob who is known to Tom we greeted Tom who was a little surprised at the caos and stopped for a couple of moments He saw me and said Hi Tina and I replied Hi Tom How are you ! Fine thanks after my chest infection . He looked good and dapper in his navy suit , white shirt and almost hidden scarf under his shirt. He was obviously concerned about Jade and said “Sorry I can’t stop must find my girlfriend” and Rob added “Don’t hang around you’re going to get mobbed.” Tom disappeared into the crowd and all you could hear were shouts of Tom! Tom! and I almost lost sight of him but managed to spot him disappearing
safely inside.
Security did eventually appear it was just a shame they were not in place from the beginning.
Normally I wait to see if Tom would maybe step outside for a break but unfortunately I was unable to this time as I needed to catch an earlier train due to disruptions and avoid a prolonged trip home.
I hope Tom enjoyed his evening and met up with old friends and made a few new ones from those in attendance last night. The Best of the British Film Industry.
Cheers Tom!

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