Tom Felton’s Book Tour in UK

Tom Felton’s UK book tour kicked off last week. The first stop was Manchester, then Edinburgh and finally London.

Here are some photos and videos from the events.

Manchester – 12th October 2022 :

Edinburgh – 13th October 2022 :

London – 14th October 2022 :

London – 15th October 2022 :

More photos in our gallery!

credit: alice_cauldwell
credit: scotiachick
credit: faneproductions
credit: ab_talentmanagement

The livestream from Saturday is now available to view until 22nd October 2022.
If you don’t have a ticket for the stream yet, click here.

Stay tuned for pics and videos from his US book tour!

One thought on “Tom Felton’s Book Tour in UK

  1. Went to the Edinburgh show and was completely blown away. Only wish I could have got meet and greet tickets. Such a lovely person to listen to and good fun. It was also a really friendly crowd, I went in my own but everyone was talking to each other . Brilliant night.

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