Tom Felton vs. ‘The Most Impossible Harry Potter Quiz’

To celebrate the release of his book, Tom stopped by PopBuzz HQ to take on ‘The Most Impossible Harry Potter Quiz’. From general Harry “POTTAH!” and Slytherin trivia, to identifying screenshots from certain films and naming as many characters as possible in 60 seconds, Tom did a pretty decent job.
credit: PopBuzz

2 Video Interviews with Tom Felton

There are two video interviews with Tom Felton by The Movie Dweeb and E! Insider !

Interview by The Movie Dweeb :
Tom Felton’s fans pitched several questions to the Draco Malfoy actor, asking him about the process of writing his book, Beyond The Wand, his favourite films and – most importantly – what shampoo he uses.

Interview by E! Insider :
Tom Felton tells how he prepared for dramatic war scenes in the “Burial.” Plus, he recalls reunions with the “Harry Potter” cast–including awkward British hellos!

Tom Felton’s TikTok LIVE | Back to Hogwarts 2022

As every year, the return to Hogwarts was celebrated on September 1st. Of course, the event at King Cross couldn’t be missed, but there was also an event with Tom Felton at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, which could be seen via live stream on TikTok. If you missed this moment, you can watch the video below. It was fantastic. Tom did a great job.

credit: Tom Felton

Click HERE for Back to Hogwarts 2022 at King’s Cross Station !

credit: Wizarding World