Tom’s 30th Birthday Project!


As all of you know, Tom turns 30 on September 22nd, and we at Feltbeats wanted to do something good to celebrate the guy who inspires us, entertains us, and loves us. Our crazy-talented Admin, Rotae, has created a beautiful design that features many of Tom’s talents and interests, and has put it on a shirt that all of you can purchase. The proceeds of the shirts will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of Tom’s favorite charities! The more shirts we sell, the more we get to donate to a great organization. The campaign ends on October 22, 2017.

Click here to help us celebrate Tom, celebrate life, and celebrate giving back.

*Shirt is available in a variety of styles and colors.

Feltbeats Interviews Tom Felton At MegaCon

As we previously reported, Tom Felton is appearing at MegaCon in Orlando Florida this weekend, and Feltbeats had a chance to catch up with him yesterday for a quick interview. Admin @Southernbets (with stellar camera work from Admin @bserlori, lol)  sat down for a chat discussing his upcoming releases Stratton and Feed, as well as such burning questions as to how Tom likes his tacos. Check it out!


As always, we thank Tom for taking time out of his busy day and being so gracious to us. Stay tuned for more of our coverage from MegaCon!!!

Exclusive: Interviews Tom Felton Part 2

On Monday, we posted Part 1 of our exclusive interview with Tom Felton, touching on his experiences filming Murder In The First. For Part 2, he chats about his upcoming projects, his recent visit to Diagon Alley, and starting a Boy Band with Dan and Rupert? Enjoy!!!


Feltbeats: What’s next on your schedule?

Tom: Heading off to work on a new feature film with Joseph Fiennes called “Clavius” for the next few months which I’m very excited about!

Feltbeats: Many HP stars play an instument or sing, would he ever like to record a song as an ensemble for the fans?

Tom: I’ve tried several times to start a pop group with Daniel and Rupert with little success. Never say never.

Feltbeats: What do you think of the success of Belle? The Reviews are fantastic!

Tom: I was so happy it got the response it did. It has such a relevant message today and I’m thrilled Amma is getting the credit she deserves, I’d jump at the chance to work with her again.

Feltbeats: You recently attended the preview of Universal Orlando. What did you think of Diagon Alley?

Tom: Unbelievable. They really have raised the bar.

Feltbeats: We would most likely find Draco Malfoy down in Knockturn Alley. Where would Tom Felton hang out?

Tom: Whichever place was dog friendly. The three broomsticks, they do great food…!

Feltbeats: If you were jonesing for a Harry Potter fix, where would you rather be? Studio tour or Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Tom: Both work differently. The studio tour is home and the park is pure escapism.

As always, it would not be a Feltbeats interview without a few silly questions. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Exclusive interview with Tom Felton on Monday!

Tom Felton uploads music session with Sam Roman to Youtube

For those of you paying attention, Tom tweeted the link to a new video he posted to his YouTube account today, courtesy of what he jokingly calls his TF iPhone Productions.

Check this video from my music session with @sam_roman. Love this song!

TF iPhone productions present @sam_roman on his piano yesterday at studio x


For those of you that follow Sam on Twitter, you know he was waiting ever so patiently for Tom to show up yesterday for this bit of a jam.  The short video from the day is described as being the first verse of a number entitled “Man on the Moon”, and features Sam tickling the ivories.