Feltbeats Interviews Tom Felton to Celebrate YoOHoO EP Release

Tom was kind enough to sit down with us for a Zoom interview this week to answer your questions regarding the release of his new 5 song EP “YoOHoO”. He touched on such topics as how he decided on those 5 songs, and the cover image he chose. He also discussed how much music and art touches him, and his penchant for being late! Enjoy!

“Harry’s not half as fun,” says Tom Felton About Daniel Radcliffe in New Interview with Go Aften Danmark

In a new interview with Go Aften Danmark to discuss the upcoming release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on DVD and Blu-Ray, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and James and Oliver Phelps discuss Harry Potter the character, and the man behind the glasses, Daniel Radcliffe.

The interviewer speaks in Danish, but thankfully not everyone else. If someone would like to translate the interview questions for us, please leave a comment!

On The Other Side of the Mic: Tom Felton interviews Fellow Hogwarts Students

Never thought Draco Malfoy would work alongside Good Ol’ Rita Skeeter, did you? Well, in this interview from the HBP DVD, he sure does (except he’s not manipulative, inventive…er, I think I should stop now, before I get carried away). Enjoy the interview:

Update from Lilyginny27: There’s a second part to this sneak peak of What’s on Your Mind? as hosted by Tom for the HBP DVD. Listen as Tom gives us a bit of an Irish history lesson while channeling Hermione, what everyone would like to fix in the world, and what is their favorite sport. While he picks on Daniel in the first one, Emma seems to get the brunt of it in the second-half.

HD Video of Tom Felton’s last Q&A Session at Dragon*Con

Feltbeats.com was given special permission to record Tom’s interviews while he was in attendance at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This last set of videos are from his final Q&A session of the event, and thanks to Feltbeats Admin BSerLori and Feltbeats Army member SouthernBets, we were able to capture the hour long program on two separate cameras. So yes, I edited the best bits of Tom together, just for your enjoyment. 😉

Some highlights from this final session include a touching, memorable tribute to his Mum and Dad for letting him live his dream, a remarkably funny impression of Alan Rickman that had me dying in my seat, and a poignant, hilariously careful choice of words when talking wistfully about his good friend Daniel Radcliffe. But best of all, let’s not forget that birthday shout out he did for Feltbeats Webmaster Misha that included his thanks to her for starting this site and bringing all of us together.