Photos & Videos : Tom Felton at LeakyCon

Tom Felton was at LeakyCon in Chicago last weekend.

On Saturday Tom gave a little concert. Thanks to THarms for recording and uploading the videos.

At the convention he also met Chris Rankin aka Percy Weasley and Stanislaw Janewski aka Viktor Krum.

credit – Tom Felton
credit Stan Yanevski: Viktor Krum and Draco Malfoy reunited. We were sitting together in the Great Hall and had some of the best most fun times together. Who would have thought they’d get along this well
sourceStan Yanevski / credit – magicwandblonde and natalieisalion : During our photoshoot with Stand Yanevski, we got a little surprise guest when Tom Felton ran through the curtain and jumped in our photo.
credit –tortugaleah: I realize that I rarely post about work but this weekend’s LeakyCon was wonderful 💜 Congratulations to my amazing coworkers on a job well done and thank you to all of our guests who joined us! I did not have time to take any photos this weekend with my team but our amazing photo op team did grab this one for me.

Some other photos from Saturday:

credit: puzzlingpotter, yagirlarielm, pottershippodcast, kyliek5, emily_rose5000 & sav_hath

And some photos from Sunday:

credit: piperthedappledach, sav_hath, ginny.weant & chl0es_.spam

Videos from Sunday:

credit: chl0es_.spam

credit: sav_hath

Thanks to all for the photos and videos!

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Tom Felton attended the opening of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter

Tom Felton attended the red carpet for the opening of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter on June 15, 2023 along with Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch. Yesterday, Tom took part in the official opening.

Here are some photos and videos from the events (more pics in our gallery)

Red Carpet

credit: Modelpress

credit: mattintokyo

credit: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo

Official Opening

credit: Modelpress

credit: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo

credit: Tom Felton

Germany – Tom Felton’s movie ‘Burial’ out now on DVD / Blu-Ray

The DVD / Blu-Ray of Tom Felton’s film Burial has been released in Germany today.

In Germany the movie is called “Burial – Die Leiche des Führers”.

You can order the DVD here and the Blu-Ray here on The film is also available on Prime Video

By the way, in the USA and UK you can buy the DVD / Blu-Ray on Amazon since December 2022.

USA : DVD / Blu-Ray ——- UK : DVD / Blu-Ray