New interviews with Tom Felton by Collider , Parade & US Weekly

At the beginning of April, Collider , Parade and US Weekly each published an interview with Tom Felton, which he had given them some time ago.

They spoke about Kinder Joy, Harry Potter, music and more. Here are a few excerpts from the interviews, for more click on the links to their pages.

Interview by Collider:

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During our interview, Felton spoke about his own connection to Kinder—which was vastly more popular across the pond, than in America—in addition to his time within the Harry Potter franchise as a child and young adult. As you will see when you watch the interview in the player above, we began our interview with a sweet conversation about Felton’s on-screen father, Jason Isaacs, who I had the pleasure of moderating a panel for, alongside Matthew Lewis, earlier this year.

When asked about his collaboration with Kinder Joy, Felton shared that the chocolate and the new Harry Potter toys were “kind of like two of the most enjoyable things of my childhood.” He went on to say:
“They’re the first treats that I remember getting. Usually, on Friday afternoons, being picked up by my mom after school, occasionally there was a Kinder Joy egg as a treat. It was always something to look forward to. I’ve got three older brothers, and we all collected all the various different toys that were inside. And they taste amazing. I’m still eating them to the day. The fact that they’ve partnered with Warner Bros. and Funko to put Potter into the Kinder Joy eggs is a bit of a dream come true, to be honest. “

After a brief lesson on how to appropriately say the name of the Boy Who Lived—the Malfoy way—Felton and I reminisced a bit about Harry Potter. Felton has discussed the franchise a lot over the last twenty-three years, so I wanted to try to come at it from an angle that, perhaps, hasn’t been done yet. Specifically, I wanted to look back at his time in the franchise as someone who understands what it’s like to work on set and be part of “a set family.”
“Well, it was a strange thing because I think people always assumed that we were gonna make the eight films from day one, and that was never the case,” Felton said, “It was always, ‘We’re gonna make one. That did okay, so we’re gonna make another one. That did better, so we’re gonna make another one.’ We were never promised the fact that we were gonna all be coming back next year. I think we all assumed that they would replace us with half-decent actors at some point,” he laughed, “but luckily they kept us on and we got better. So, yeah, I was lucky enough to have the best of both worlds. I was able to still stay at my muggle school while attending Hogwarts, and sort of go back and forth over months at a time. And I’ve got three older brothers, so they keep me pretty grounded.”

Felton is well aware of the fact that it might sound “cheesy” when he talks about the bond he shares with the cast, but it’s a genuine one that has been forged from years of filming Harry Potter and keeping the spirit of the franchise alive at various conventions, events, and reunions.
“Every time I say it, it sounds really cheesy, but it’s genuinely true. We are all a family. Days on set would only usually be 10% filming and 90% either hanging out or going to school. So not only do I consider them all family, I think I can speak for the entire cast when I say we feel a deep, deep friendship with each other, as well, as the years have gone on, and that’s only got deeper and deeper. Me and the Weasley twins, we’re out there weekly battling it out on the golf course. Unfortunately, there’s no wands in that case. I lose most of the time. “

While the main focus of our conversation centered around Kinder Joy and Felton’s connection to the Harry Potter franchise, I did want to touch on some of his work outside of the Wizarding World, as he has been in a number of very excellent films and television series beyond his time at Hogwarts. When I questioned him about which role outside of Harry Potter had the biggest impact on his life, he cheekily responded “Hermione,” before laughing. After a bit of back and forth about the question and a sweet answer about his adorable Labradors, Felton went on to answer:
“Again, I’m sure the answer would change every time someone asks me, but there was a film I did called The Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting where I was lucky enough to play the boogeyman. I was given an incredible costume and a slight free license to do what I want with it, really. I felt like a bit of a Captain Jack Sparrow in evil clothing, so that was fun.”

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Interview by Parade:

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“It’s one of the coolest things and surprises about the whole Wizarding World, really, the fact that it’s being passed down generation to generation,” he said of the franchise’s enduring popularity. “A lot of the fans come up to me now and shout ‘Draco!’ or whatever, weren’t born when the first films or books were being released.”

“I always bring a ukulele wherever I go. Usually on set to some people’s pleasure, some others’ not maybe,” Felton said of his musical inclination. “But yeah, still making music and I have plans to release more this year.”

And yes, Felton “absolutely” considers himself a Swiftie.
“Obviously, she’s an amazing singer-songwriter,” he told Parade. “I’ve never seen her live, but everyone that I have spoken to that has seen her live has just said that she can put on a show.”

Additionally, Felton has “a couple of films in the bank”—one of them being Canyon of the Dead, and the other one a “cool sci-fi film” he couldn’t yet divulge much about.

“I’m about to go back to London to do theater in Bristol for the next few months,” Felton added. “And I’ve got two very hungry Labradors. So they keep me busy most of the time.”

The big question for Wizarding World fans: Would Felton ever consider reprising his beloved Harry Potter character—perhaps as a middle-aged Draco Malfoy in a film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?
“I won’t lie. Because I enjoyed playing him so much all those years ago, part of me does miss him,” Felton confessed. “I wouldn’t want to say yes or no, but I’d certainly think about it.”

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Interveiw by US Weekly :

Draco Malfoy is not the hero of the Harry Potter franchise by any means, but Tom Felton thinks it’s “really cool” that his character is getting a “slight” redemption arc.
“I do love the fact that people — I mean, obviously, he is slimy, he’s not exactly the most desirable character at times — but it’s nice to see,”

“It’s really, really cool to see the correlation between the fact that Harry had no parents, and he came out brilliantly with honor, love and respect. Truth being at the heart of it,” Felton added. “And Draco having both parents, but not so good ones, and that he ended up being the bully.”
The actor added, “I think the redemption of Draco, slight redemption — I don’t think he was born to be the hero at all — but the slight understanding that he was a bully because he was basically bullied. I think it’s really quite cool.”

“I think we all sort of thought that when the last film was done that things would slowly sort of trickle out, as far as the fandom or the Wizarding World fandom flame, as I call it. But it just seems to be bigger than ever now,” the actor shared. “It is a huge surprise that the popularity is still growing, but at the same time, I’m a huge Potter fan myself, so I can see why it’s still enjoyable and still being passed down from generation to generation.

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By the way, it seems that the Harry Potter FUNKO Pop figures in the Kinder Joys that have now been released in America are the ones that we already had in our Kinder Joys in Germany etc. last year. Because we currently already have another release of the figures – our current figures are Harry Potter Quidditch FUNKO Pop figures.

last year – this year in Germany

Tom Felton announced for Comic Film Manga Fest Rotterdam

German Film & Comic Con  has announced Tom Felton for their event Comic, Film & Manga Fest Rotterdam in March.
The event will take place at Ahoy RotterdamAhoyweg 1 Hall 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 3084BA Rotterdam Netherlands

Tom will be there on 23rd & 24th March 2024 (Saturday & Sunday) !

source: German Film & Comic Con / Comic Film Manga Fest Rotterdam

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official site , instagram and facebook – Comic, Film & Manga Fest Rotterdam

Trailer and US Release Date for Tom Felton’s film “Some Other Woman”

Do you remember? Over 2 years ago Tom Felton was in the Cayman Islands and filmed “Some Other Woman”. (we reported here)

The trailer for Tom’s new thriller, Some Other Woman has been released. Directed by Joel David Moore, the movie will be released to Regal Theatres on January 5, 2024.

Harry Potter franchise star Tom Felton, Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley), and Ashley Greene (the Twilight franchise) are giving us some very heavy Single White Female vibes in the trailer for Some Other Woman, which Collider can exclusively share today. Directed by Joel David Moore (Spiral), the psychological thriller, which is set to release only in Regal Theatres on January 5, 2024, follows one woman’s inner struggle as she begins to question everything she thinks she knows about her world and the loved ones she holds dear.
In the trailer, viewers are introduced to Eve (Crew), a woman who travels alongside her husband, Peter (Felton) on a work trip to a remote island. While the tropical location seems like paradise, Eve soon gets cabin fever as she carries out the same routine day in and day out. While Peter wants to settle in and build a life along the island’s sandy shores, Eve can’t help but feel uneasy about the whole thing. When she starts seeing a woman (Greene) who is seemingly stalking her and her husband, Eve’s brain goes into a sort of psychosis where she has a challenging time deciphering fact from fiction. With a similar figure and brown hair, the two women look eerily alike and mind games between them both make it hard for the audience to separate their realities. Willing to do anything to hold her marriage and life together, Eve knows that her only choice is to stop the stranger before she takes everything.

source: Collider

Some screenshots:

Tom Felton to star in A CHILD OF SCIENCE at Bristol Old Vic

It has been announced that Tom Felton will star in the world premiere of Gareth Farr’s A Child of Science from 5th June – 6th July 2024.

A Child of Science is a fictionalised account of the true story of the events that led to the first ‘test-tube’ birth of a baby and the invention of IVF. The play is based on research and interviews over many years with embryologists and fertility doctors, some of whom worked closely with Bob Edwards, as well as those whose lives were affected by and enabled by those events. It features characters inspired by real-life individuals, and some entirely imagined by the writer.

In 1978, Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards, and Jean Purdy changed the world as we know it – and most people don’t even know their names.

Bruntwood Prize-winning writer (Britannia Waves the Rules) Gareth Farr’s brilliant new play tells their pioneering story, and those of the army of women from all over the UK whose immense bravery helped them achieve the impossible – to create human life in vitro.

A Child of Science charts the incredible events that led to one of the most remarkable medical breakthroughs of our time: the birth of a baby girl and the creation of IVF, a procedure which has supported the birth of over 12 million babies worldwide over the last forty years.

Directed by the highly acclaimed West End director Matthew Dunster (Hangmen, 2:22 A Ghost Story, Shirley Valentine) and featuring the award-winning Tom Felton (Harry Potter), A Child of Science is about determination, dreams, hope, and courage. It’s a celebration of life.

Tickets went on sale to the Circle Members of Bristol Old Vic on Thu 19 Oct. Tickets go on sale to the Thunder Members of Bristol Old Vic on Mon 23 Oct, Lavender Members of Bristol Old Vic on Tue 24 Oct and Orange Members of Bristol Old Vic on Wed 25 Oct.
Tickets go on general sale at 10am on Thu 26 Oct.

credit: Bristol Old Vic