Tom Felton Talks Growing Up In Harry Potter and Preparing For 2:22 With The Guardian

In the midst of rehearsals for his West End Theater debut in 2:22 A Ghost Story, Tom sat down with The Guardian to discuss adjusting to the differences between film and theater, and growing up in the world of Harry Potter.

They touched on his career beginning at the age of 6, the ability to lead a somewhat normal life during the Harry Potter years, and the support of his Mum and costars throughout his various endeavors.

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Bravo Girl features Tom Felton in a Magazine-Game

Once again, @TomFeltonFans_ comes through and shares scans of Bravo Girl!

In an in-magazine game, Böser Zauber, which translates to Bad Charm (linguists out there, feel free to correct me), Draco features prominently. Which means our boy is the largest face on the page!


Slip into the role of Draco Malfoy and fight at the side of the bad one, himself, Lord Voldemort!

Thanks @TomFeltonFans_

Tom Felton is Top Trumps

Thanks to @TomFeltonFans_ we have scans of Harry Potter playing cards, featuring our own Tom!

These are the cards from Draco from the Top Trumps cards of Harry Potter 3-6, with the following characteristics: Magic, Cunning, Courage, Wisdom, Temper; and a poker game (HP 6). Both available at AmazonUK.

Draco_ Kreuz_8Draco_Pik_7Draco_Pik_9Quartett_HP_5_Draco

Who wouldn’t mind playing a few card games with these beauties in hand?

Thanks again, @TomFeltonFans_